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    Updated 4 Feb 2015

    18-Year-Old Delhi Student Allegedly Rapes Classmate, Uploads The Video To Porn Sites

    Both students studied in a government-run school, and the accused has been arrested and sent to Tihar jail.

    According to Delhi police, a 12th grade student in Delhi's Jafarpur Kalan was reportedly raped by a classmate who filmed the attack and then uploaded the video to several porn sites.

    Noah Seelam /AFP / Getty Images

    In a Hindustan Times report, the victim stated in her complaint to police that she was also being blackmailed by her attacker. The police have reportedly arrested the accused, who is an 18-year-old student living in the same area as the victim. The incident allegedly occurred on Sunday, Feb 1.

    The accused appeared in a city court and was then transported to Tihar jail on Monday, the report said. The rape was filmed on a mobile phone that has now been seized by police, who are still investigating whether the act of uploading the video was allegedly performed by the accused alone, or if he had help.

    Since being arrested, the accused told police that the video was circulating through a mobile phone application. Police are investigating the validity of this claim.

    In the HT report, a senior police officer stated that the crime was reported after someone called the police control room (PCR) after witnessing a fight between two groups at a bus stop in Jafarpur Kalan area. The police quickly reached the scene, wherein both groups were taken in for questioning.

    "At the police station, they were asked the reason behind the scuffle," the officer said. "One of the groups accused a youngster from the other group of raping a minor girl belonging to their group. They accused the youth of allegedly blackmailing the girl by threatening to upload the rape video on internet."

    The rape survivor has seen a counsellor provided by the police, and gave an official police statement regarding the incident.

    In the statement, she alleges that the rape occurred at an under-construction building, and that she went there only because her classmate had called her for schoolwork three days prior.

    She also stated that he threatened to upload the video to the internet. When the girl told her family about the incident, her family approached the boy's family and a scuffle ensued, resulting in the police complaint and investigation.

    BuzzFeed India reached out to the New Delhi police to confirm the information reported by Hindustan Times, but received no response.

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