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    A Delhi Man Hacked His Son To Pieces For Being An Alcoholic

    The act was committed with a billhook, and the accused is in police custody.

    The Delhi local allegedly hacked his son to pieces on Sunday night after they argued about the latter's drinking habits.

    Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images

    NDTV reports that according to police, the accused was arrested right after the crime, and the weapon recovered from the scene was a billhook.

    The victim, Munawwar, was a resident of South Delhi's Sangam Vihar, where he lived with his wife, two children, his parents and his brother. The police stated that their initial investigation showed that Munawwar was, in fact, an alcoholic, and this was often a source of tension within the family.

    The police also stated that his wife had moved out with her children because the couple would get into heated arguments and fight about this issue all the time.

    "The rebuke came from his father and wife whenever he returned home from work in an inebriated state. Munawwar would fight with them each time and even indulged in physical violence sometimes," said a police officer in the NDTV report.

    Reportedly, this was the case on Sunday night as well, when Manawwar returned home drunk just before 10pm.

    As soon as Munawwar returned home, his father began scolding him, which resulted in a heated argument and an altercation.

    "In a fit of rage, Ismail (the father) picked up a billhook lying in a corner of the room and attacked his son on the neck. Munawwar immediately collapsed on the floor but his father continued to hit him a few more times," said a senior police official.

    NDTV also reports that Ismail is now in police custody, even though he fled the area right after the crime.

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