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Chandigarh Didn't Ban Short Skirts In Discos But Twitter Still Lost Its Shit

"The most shocking thing is that Chandigarh has discos." Update: UT home secretary Anurag Agarwal clarified that the administration had not imposed a ban on mini-skirts.

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On April 20, news of Chandigarh banning short skirts in discotheques because it allegedly promotes "anti-national" elements starter trending all over social media.

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The actual policy called the "Controlling of Places of Public Amusement, 2016", states that "scantily dressed women" or any "indecency" could force those particular "discos" to shut down. In accordance to the policy, the pubs and discos now have to close at 12 a.m. instead of 2 a.m.

UT home secretary Anurag Agarwal clarified later on that the administration had not actually banned short skirts and that the media had misinterpreted its policy.

Since the announcement, people have been taking to social media to show their outrage:

Babus in Centre ruled Chandigarh will now decide which skirt is fit for city's women when they go to a disco or pub. This is outrageous.

Govt. won't allow skirts in Discos and Discos won't allow Saris. So what are women supposed to wear there?

People found the government's reasons for the ban absolutely absurd.

Chandigarh will ban short skirts instead of policing the crazy eve teasing that happens on Geri route


And they are totally against the moral policing.

"Shall head to Chandigarh with the hubby, party in short dresses and take pics too let me see the government arrest us" @tehseenp

Chandigarh, where short skirts are indecent and dance clubs are seditious. #Whatever

Of course, Twitter being Twitter, the jokes about the ban are dominating everyone's timeline.

Zeenat Aman: "Where are you going?" Dharmendra: "Getting the hell out of Chandigarh"

I think the most shocking part of Chandigarh banning short skirts in discos is that Chandigarh has discos.


Fully clad chics flaunting entry passes outside a discotheque in Chandigarh. #SkirtBan

"It's the time to disco" #Chandigarh

Chandigarh Men protesting against the ban on skirts


Chandigarh should set up a Department (for) Investigation (of) Scanty Clothing Offences. Good acronym.

Chandigarh banning mini skirts is a security requirement than anything else. Because girls, I swear, chhoti dress mein bomb lagdi mennu.

Can men wear miniskirts, then? Anyone fancy a boy’s disco weekend to Chandigarh. Only requirement is wearing a miniskirt. Sorta serious.


UT home secretary Anurag Agarwal clarified that the administration had not imposed a ban on mini-skirts.