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    Enjoy These Cute-Ass Photos Of Dogs Playing Together At Delhi’s First Doggy Cafe

    Your pup can dine on some pasta, play with some chew toys, and make some new friends.

    Sisters Mallika and Nayani Tandon just opened up New Delhi's first dog cafe, Puppychino, on April 16. These are their two doggies, Bobo, a female labrador and Simba, their male husky.

    The restaurant acts as a dedicated space for dogs to interact and play with each other.

    "Puppychino is basically a place where people can get their pets, treat their pets and themselves to some great food and help their pets socialise," Nayani told BuzzFeed.

    "Those who've always wanted to have a pet but have never had a chance to do so, or those who simply love dogs can come play with our official mascots, Bobo and Simba, or other pets present at the cafe."

    For the dogs, they have all sorts of treats like like cupcakes, pancakes, snoopy spaghetti, Spanish omelette with tortillas, pizzas, frozen icy treats, and biscuits.

    "And for the humans we're concentrating on really nice thick refreshing shakes, sodas, and bite sized comfortable meals like pizzas, risotto, pastas," Nayani said.

    "It's particularly heart warming to receive blessings of pet owners who thank us for opening up a place like this."

    "A few parents got their small babies to make them socially interact with dogs. It was nice to know that they're trying to make them socially responsible towards animals," she added.

    You can check out Puppychino here.