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    This Bakery Makes Insanely Awesome Glow-In-The-Dark Theme Cakes, From Disney To Erotic Cakes

    Attention, cake-lovers.

    Kolkata bakery Little Pleasures have started making "glow-in-the-dark" cakes, and they look freakin' insane.

    Little Pleasures

    The cakes are made using "fluoro" colours which are sourced from Miami and are available in various flavours like red velvet, Belgian chocolate, lemon meringue and chocolate hazelnut.

    Little Pleasures

    Shripriya Gupta, the owner of Little Pleasures told BuzzFeed that she first saw the concept of glow-in-the-dark cakes in Australia, and started doing it in India late last year. "If the order is in Kolkata, we would need 2-3 days' notice, but we also deliver across India and we can get a team to the venue if we have about 25 days notice," she added.

    They design cakes for weddings, birthdays, bachelor parties, and other big functions. So there are different theme cakes like Disney castles...

    Little Pleasures

    Classic video games.

    Little Pleasures

    And some that are a little more adult-themed.

    Little Pleasures

    Basically, all cakes look way better if they glow in the dark.

    You can look up Little Pleasures here.

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