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Bollywood Shows Overwhelming Support For Man Sentenced To Jail For Culpable Homicide

On Wednesday afternoon, Salman Khan was sentenced to 5 years in jail for a 2002 hit-and-run in which one man was killed. Following his sentencing, Bollywood's who's who have been tweeting their sympathies.

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13 years after the hit-and-run incident where one man lost his life, Salman Khan has been found guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol, driving without a license, and culpable homicide. Overwhelmingly, his industry contemporaries are standing by his side. Here are some of their tweets:

Hurts to think of what could happen. We will always be with you. Hope the judge sees the beauty of a human being that Salman Khan is.

Mumbai ke road Aur footpath pe sone ka shauk hai ?? Y not at your village no vehicles to kill u.. Support @BeingSalmanKhan @sonakshisinha

@BeingSalmanKhan has been a God sent angel to me who changed my life completely n I'll always b thankful to him. Lots of love n support !

The Kapoors are with the Khans in their difficult time. Time is the biggest healer. God Bless!

Not commenting on courts verdict- but my heart goes out 2 @BeingSalmanKhan :large hearted & 1 of d finest people I hv met in this industry.

Heart broken at the verdict against @BeingSalmanKhan.Prayers & strength to him & his wonderful family.

In Dubai.. But thoughts n prayers are still in Mumbai with @BeingSalmanKhan n his family..

😥😥😥😥 Nothing else to say..Except stay strong @BeingSalmanKhan u always have..

It hurts when your own are punished, even if they are in the wrong. We love you and are standing by you

Terrible news. Dnt knw wht to say except tht will stand by @BeingSalmanKhan no matter what. Hes a good man and no 1 can tk tht away frm him.

Salman khan n all of us have to respect court verdict but we all know that salman is excellent as human who can't fight with destiny

My prayers are with @BeingSalmanKhan and his family who I know love this country and respect its judiciary.

@BeingSalmanKhan is a man who has always helped d underprivileged!A man who has done so much humanitarian work.Prayers for a fair judgement.

My prayers with @BeingSalmanKhan and his family. A man and a family that respects and loves India like no other !

He is the man that saved my Mothers life. That I will never forget. #SalmanKhan

I respect the law but @BeingSalmanKhan & his family have helped so many people & have the kindest heart. This hurts. God give them strength.

The verdict! 😵 My heart is wid @BeingSalmanKhan n the family. I think he suffered enuf mentally for all dat happnd. But we hv 2 follw d law.

Cant wrap my head around what's happening,scary how fickle life is,hope n pray he emerges stronger like he has in the past @BeingSalmanKhan

Prayers for Salman and all families affected by this judgement. God is great. @BeingSalmanKhan . Keep faith

The govt should be responsible for housing ppl.If no 1was sleeping on d road in any other country Salman wuld not have driven over anybody.

It's like penalising a train driver because someone decided to cross the tracks and got killed in the bargain. #salmankhancase

No one should be sleeping on the road or footpath. It is dangerous to do that just like it is dangerous to cross tracks.

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