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20 Signs You Have A Sheldon Cooper In Your Group

There's no shame in it, we all have one.

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1. They always have additional facts about movies, books and television shows.

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Even if you didn't ask.

2. They tend to correct your grammar, even if they're not really involved in the conversation.

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But let's face it, you just wait for the chance to correct their's.

3. They get annoyed with people when people speak about things that they have no knowledge of.

4. They tend to get too involved in games, and want people to stick to the rules.

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And they hate it when people don't. "WHY DO WE HAVE RULES THEN."

5. They also hate being proven wrong, and don't take that too well.

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6. They dominate any conversation they're a part of.

7. And if you do happen to get a chance to speak, you can be sure something condescending or sarcastic will be the next thing out of their mouths.

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8. Conversations come to a grinding halt when they walk in, because you can expect a long-winded explanation about any topic at hand.

9. They hate being introduced as "the encyclopaedia".

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10. They're always being told to shut up by authority figures.

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Doesn't mean they will.

11. Of course you've come across people that hate them and have plotted their murder.

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12. Not that they care.

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13. Their favourite phrase is "Actually".

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14. They can barely read or watch something without providing their own "creative criticisms".

15. Everyone tends to zone out every time they start droning on about irrelevant topics.

16. And they've gotten into huge fights with you because they always have to be right.

17. But then again, they do make an effort.

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18. And there are plenty of reasons to love them.

19. For instance you can't complain about the extra information you now have.

20. So let's face it, even though we're stuck with them, we wouldn't have it any other way.

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