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    An Uber Driver Was Allegedly Shot And Killed By His Teenager Passengers After An Argument

    The incident took place yesterday afternoon, and his body was discovered this morning by a passerby.

    An Uber driver was allegedly shot dead in South West Delhi after an argument broke out with his passengers.

    Tengku Bahar / AFP / Getty Images

    The driver, who was identified as 51-year-old Kuldeep Thakur, was reportedly shot in the head and chest, and the attack, as reported by NDTV, was carried out by two teenagers.

    According to the Hindustan Times, the cab was booked on Thursday at around 4pm. The report further states that the passengers told the driver they had to pick up another friend. However, along the way, they began making fun of Mandi, Uttar Pradesh – Thakur's native place. After a while, Thakur retaliated with a joke about the two teens, and that's when they shot him, sources told HT.

    Kuldeep’s body was found this morning, a day after he was shot, when a passerby noticed blood and an abandoned Uber car, reported NDTV.

    Deputy Commissioner of Police Pushpendra Kumar has stated that there was no previous criminal record for either of the teens and that they are trying to figure out how they got their hands on a firearm.

    "Our thoughts are with the family of our driver-partner, the victim of this mindless violence," Gagan Bhatia, general manager, Uber-North, told BuzzFeed via email. "We have pro-actively shared details with the police to assist them with their investigation."

    The suspects were later identified by police, who accessed Uber's data to figure out who had booked the cab ride. As per reports, the suspects are in custody and are being questioned by the authorities.

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