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This Chef Offers Free Meals To Canada's Homeless If They Knock On His Door

"Every time we hear a knock, we say in the kitchen, "Prepare food, God is hungry.""

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Anyone can knock on the back door of the restaurant, specify whether they’d like a veg or a non-vegetarian meal, and choose a drink. The kitchen prepares the meal immediately.

Parkash Chhibber

"It’s a simple plan," Chhiber said. "A sign was put up just 6 months ago in hopes of feeding more and more people."

"On a daily basis we have between three and ten patrons coming in. Sometimes we see more, sometimes we see none," Chhibber said.

Parkash Chhibber

"Every time we hear a knock, because it's a family run restaurant, we say in the kitchen, "Prepare food, God is hungry" as we believe just because they are not able to pay for the bare necessities of life, doesn't make them any less than any of us."

"I am fortunate enough that we always have enough food to provide and a loving family who supports me in every endeavours of mine. All this wouldn't have been possible without the support of my wife and children. They are truly the back bone of this idea," he added.