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14 Cartoons (Made By An American Dude) That Perfectly Sum Up Life In India

Nailed it.

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Jeff Lewonczyk, a New York-based artist, travelled to Mumbai, Bengaluru, and New Delhi in March of 2014 and decided to draw one cartoon for each of his 14 days in the country.

Via Facebook: jefflewonczyk

Jeff told BuzzFeed India that he’d been trying to build his skills as a cartoonist, and was looking for any opportunity to do so. “The trip to India seemed like a perfect fit – I’d be able to observe and draw things that were new to me, and it would give me a unique way to process my experience and stay connected to everyone at home,” Jeff said. He hopes to come back and do a second series on India, and possibly even turn the entire collection into a book.

Below are a few of the cartoons he made, all of which perfectly sum up life in India.


All images courtesy of Jeff Lewonczyk. You can follow his awesome artwork here and here.