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    AB De Villiers' Got Whacked In His Face When The Bangalore Team Congratulated Him

    That had to sting.

    Last night, Royal Challengers Bangalore made an impressive comeback to defeat Gujarat Lions in the semi-finals of the IPL. And it was all due to AB de Villiers' making 79 runs out of 47 balls.

    Dibyangshu Sarkar / AFP / Getty Images

    And after hitting off the winning ball, the entire team came out to celebrate with de Villiers.

    This Moment was just Everything 😭😭😭 Ab & Virat's Hug😍😍😍 #RCBvGL

    But unfortunately for de Villiers, his teammate Yuzvendra Chahal got too excited and hit him in the face while going in for the hug.

    @ABdeVilliers17 knocked out by @yuzi_chahal #IPL2016 #RCBvGL

    I mean, he swacked him so hard, his helmet fell off.

    Chahal did apologise about the entire thing later though.

    I'm really sorry bro @ABdeVilliers17 but thank for tonight #loveyou and not least @iqqiabdullah well done 🤗🤗

    Bruises and all, good game, guys.

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