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A Fashion Blogger Depicted Her Worst Memories Of Being Bullied In This Striking Photo Shoot

"No one can make you feel like garbage and nobody deserves to feel that way."

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Mumbai-based blogger Nimisha Khanna recently did a photo shoot encapsulating the fears and issues surrounding bullying and abuse.

Ria Sejpal / Nimisha Khanna

Khanna published the photo series alongside a blogpost about her experiences with bullying.

"Each picture used for the article has a point to make. It has a story behind it and I've tried to incorporate that with the styling and looks," Khanna told BuzzFeed.

Ria Sejpal / Nimisha Khanna

The above picture represents a time when Khanna was seven, and bullied by her classmates. "I wish you were that dead pigeon," a phrase uttered by one of the girls, stuck with Khanna.


The last picture in the series showcases how all of these experiences made Khanna stronger, and represents how she lives life now.

Ria Sejpal / Nimisha Khanna

"I decided to walk away from the negativity because they were clearly not worth the time and energy. I emerged as an individual more aware of my strengths only because of how others tried to focus on my flaws," she said.

Khanna explained to BuzzFeed that she decided to do the whole series because the issue of bullying isn't discussed much, saying that it still exists and it needs to be highlighted more.

"A lot of people get bullied and that has a huge impact on their self confidence and esteem. I think that instead of withdrawing from society because of this, they should use this as a ladder to work on their confidence to prove themselves as capable and strong individuals. Also, not many people knew about this aspect of my life and it's played a huge role in making me who I am today so when I thought I was ready to share it, I used fashion to communicate it as it's the best way I express myself.

I want this photo series to motivate those people who feel insecure every day of their lives because of how people make them feel and help them rise from their situation and take a stand. No one can make you feel like garbage and nobody deserves to feel that way."