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India's Musicians Are Rallying Behind A Band After They Weren't Allowed To Play At This Pune Bar

The Plus Ones Weren't allowed to play at Local Gastro Bar because they couldn't promise 100 guests to the venue.

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On September 7, Jagad uploaded this status containing WhatsApp screenshots that claim the venue told her she'd need to round up about 100 cover guests in order to play there.

Facebook: aayushi.jagad

Jagad told BuzzFeed that she frequently plays gigs in Mumbai and Pune, and that she's never had a problem like this before.

Aayushi Jagad

"This was the next level. And two of their regular acts, both friends of the bar owners, perform without such a huge audience," Jagad said.

Local Gastro Bar confirmed that The Plus Ones were supposed to play at their venue, but refused to comment further.