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A Photographer Did A Shoot With An Androgynous Model To Spread LGBT Awareness In India

"I wanted to show the world that there is beauty everywhere."

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"The idea for the concept shoot came to me when I realised the kind of preset notions people, including my friends and families, had about the LGBT community," Toasty told BuzzFeed.

Ganesh Toasty

"Through my photographs, I wanted to show the world that there is beauty everywhere. While there are androgynous models in the international fashion circuit, I don’t know of any in Chennai," he added.

"For this shoot "Sui Generis" (Latin for "of its own kind"), I planned to shoot with a androgynous model because the knowledge people have about androgyny is very less and the way they look at them isn't right," Toasty said.


"When I did this shoot, the only thing I had in mind was that the concept needs a lot of visibility. There is a message in there for people – the knowledge about a transgender or lesbian or androgyny isn't there."