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A 12-Year-Old Sikh Boy In Texas Was Arrested When A Classmate Joked About A Bomb In His Bag

His parents were only informed after they repeatedly called different police stations.

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Arlington police claim that Sarai himself claimed to have a bomb, and later recanted his statement.

Via Facebook: ArlingtonPolice

“People have got to learn they cannot make these types of threats which cause alarm, which cause evacuations,” Arlington Police Department spokesman Lt. Christopher Cook told the Dallas Morning News. “Just because you say it’s a joke, it doesn’t get you out of trouble.”

Sarai’s cousin, Ginee Haer, shared Sarai's story on Facebook on December 16, including the detail that police "kept him held behind bars for three consecutive days".

Facebook: ginee.haer

In her post, Haer also explained that her cousin has a history of heart problems and has undergone three open heart surgeries.

"My cousin is a minor and was arrested without any evidence or guardian present! This should show you how fucked up the system is!" she continued. "There are good people out there, but the majority of the system is corrupt! All these bastards see is race & the colour of your skin!"

Sarai's brother Aksh Singh uploaded a Facebook post in which he attached images of an email he was going to send to Julie Harcrow, the principal of Nichols Junior High School.

Facebook: Akshisking

In the email, Singh explains that his brother along with other kids were joking about having a bomb, but only Sarai was arrested. Singh asks why only the "Indian" kid was arrested and not the other kids, and why when his sister went to the school to ask about his missing brother, the school claimed they had no idea where he was. He ended the email, by saying that his family demands an explanation and they will be taking this matter very seriously.

BuzzFeed has reached out to Armaan Singh Sarai, Ginee Haer, and Aksh Singh, and is awaiting replies from each of them.