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14 Overjoyed And Hilarious Reactions To 66A Being Struck Down

These tweets and memes and videos prove that freedom of expression online is a beautiful thing worth saving. Thank you, Supreme Court.

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1. On Tuesday, India's Supreme Court ruled that section 66A of the Information Technology Act is vague and unconstitutional.

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The now defunct section ruled that anyone could be arrested for posting "offensive" content online. It was introduced in 2009 and, since its introduction, it was used to arrest several Indians whose only crimes were posting Facebook statuses (or, in some cases, simply "liking" them), drawing cartoons, making jokes about politicians, and so on.

2. Since news of the judgement broke, India's internet users have manifested their newly restored freedom to offend with gusto and haste.

(Kapil Sibal was the Minister of Communications and Information Technology during the Indian National Congress's time in power, and is widely credited for section 66A being put in place.)

3. There have been poignant illustrations:

@tinucherian Now feel free to speak out on social media! #Sec66A


4. And the never unfunny meme-ing of Modi:

5. Some have had to channel their inner Beyoncé to adequately express their joy:

Exclusive picture of Queen thanking @karunanundy @aparatbar @MishiChoudhary #SupremeCourt on #Sec66A verdict.

6. While others have already started raising the right questions:

7. Some are going out of their way to give the finger to 66A:

8. While others are just celebrating not being arrested:

9. Some are reveling in their newfound freedom by posting random photos of Modi because we can:

11. And we will:

Twitter after abolition of section #66A by Supreme court. #No66A

13. And obviously Bollywood was used for memery:

My TL right now. #66A #FoE #No66A

14. Happy independence day!

As promised! Hell Yeah! WTG Supreme Court!!! #No66A