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    14 Very Real Problems All Non-Religious People Face In India

    Trying to figure out how to get out of a three-hour religious ceremony.

    1. Your parents constantly ask you to just play along with the other relatives.

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    "Of course, we go to church/temple/mosque as a family every day."

    2. You've been asked questions like "why do you hate God" and "so what do you believe in?"

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    3. You have to suck it up and go to religious functions even though you don't want to.

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    4. ... And you have to hide the fact that you're completely bored.

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    5. Because telling your parents that you don't want to attend a religious function is like telling them you've committed murder.

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    6. They will probably blame themselves for your straying down the wrong path.

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    7. Society will just assume you're a deeply religious person that partakes in all the practices your religion requires.

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    Society ^

    8. During times of fasting you pretend to fast at home, but once you're outside you generally do whatever you want.

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    9. Of course, you're always on the lookout for people that might go back and tell your parents.

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    And you wouldn't want that because it would probably hurt their feelings.

    10. If an aunty or cousin actually does find out that you're not religious, you will get the worst hate vibes from them.


    "What are you giving up for Lent?"

    "Nothing, I don't really observe Lent."


    11. When you're at a family gathering you hope that no one notices that you don't know any of the prayers.

    12. You have to bear with people asking when you last visited a place of worship, and never know what to say.

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    13. You hate it when religion becomes a topic of discussion at parties, and try to stay out of it.

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    14. And when people find out you're not religious they say, "don't worry, I'll pray for you."