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    14 Plot Twists In The Salman Khan Hit-And-Run That You Should Know Before The Verdict

    That's literally more than there are in any Salman Khan movie.

    On 28 September 2002, Salman Khan's car ran into the American Express bakery in Bandra, Mumbai, resulting in the death of one person sleeping on the pavement outside the bakery and the injury of three others. He was subsequently arrested for "rash and negligent" driving and charged with culpable homicide. The charge was later dropped. In January 2013, additional chief metropolitan magistrate V.S. Patil charged the actor with "culpable homicide not amounting to murder", to which Khan has pleaded not guilty.

    The case has created headlines consistently. Here's a list of all its twists and turns:

    1. The chemical analysis expert contradicted himself under cross-examination by the defence.

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    Expert Bala Shankar first told the court that he received six millilitres of blood for analysis at the time of the incident. However, while on the stand, he said that when he measured the same sample it was only four millilitres.

    2. He also couldn't distinguish between the labels of two blood samples.

    Prakash Singh / Getty Images

    3. A witness from the bakery who was injured during the accident turned hostile on the stand and stated that he did not see the actor behind the wheel.

    Punit Paranjpe / Getty Images

    4. A witness who is also an assistant inspector at the Regional Transport Office stated that Khan did not have a driving licence at the time of the incident, and legally acquired one only in 2004, two years later.

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    5. It was claimed at first that Khan was intoxicated during the incident...

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    6. ...but the doctor who collected blood samples from Khan later recanted his statement that he smelt alcohol on Khan's breath, and referred instead to the "case paper" that said the actor's breath smelled but did not specify the smell of alcohol.

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    7. One of the investigating officers stated that he didn't find Khan at his house or the scene of the crime.

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    "When I reached the spot, I did not find Salman Khan," said Rajendra Kadam, one of the investigative officers in an NDTV report. "I then went to his house in the nearby Galaxy apartments but even there the accused was not traced."

    8. Journalist Soumyadipta Banerjee wrote a blog post about the suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of prime witness Constable Ravindra Patil. It was deleted, allegedly upon Khan's request.

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    Banerjee also issued a public apology to Khan, which read: "Here's a public apology to Mr Salman Khan for writing two blog posts that he didn't consider appropriate. I am taking a break from writing on this blog till I am in a proper frame of mind to write again. I am really sorry."

    9. Salman Khan still claims he was not driving the car, even though multiple witness statements say that he was.

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    10. Khan's driver said under oath that he was the one behind the wheel, not Khan, but the prosecution alleged that this was a lie.

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    11. It has still not been definitively established whether Khan was in the driver's seat or not.

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    12. The investigating team lost key documents, including the original witness statements and case diaries. Some of the documents were reportedly found a few days later.

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    13. Khan's defence recently claimed that his car took a different route at the time of the accident to the one the prosecution claims it took.

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    14. And Khan's lawyer now claims that those injured in the incident were injured later, and not during the actual mishap.

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