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14 Eye-Opening Facts About Indian Men And Their Relationships With Their Dicks

Agents Of Ishq went on a mission to uncover the relationships Indian men have with their penises. They discovered a ​*lot*​. (Like, it turns out 50% of men name their members, and examples of names included Shakti Kapoor, Chota Bheem, Bhai, Wongbong and Luls.)

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Agents of Ishq, a platform intended to dispel the taboos around sex in India, recently conducted a penis survey.

They asked a sample group of about 1,000 Indians various questions about their ~members~.

"The idea was to talk about the body not as the object of other people’s scrutiny or approval, but to begin talking about our own relationship with ourselves in terms of sex and the body," they wrote.

Here's what you need to know.


9. 57% of men said their idea of the "ideal penis" is inspired by the porn they watch.


25% said cultural attitudes and 18% said traditional images.

"Some notable influences were also Lord Voldemort and Tantra."