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11 Times Women Used Social Media To Call Out Men Who Harassed Them

More and more every day, women are turning to the internet to find the justice the real world won't give them.

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1. When this woman called a guy out for casually making obscene comments about her.

The man was later arrested and has posted his side of the story on Facebook.

2. When a girl recorded video of herself confronting a man who allegedly harassed her on a plane, and uploaded it on YouTube.


The video went viral, and she later uploaded a second video of him apologising to her.

3. When this Facebook user decided to post a screenshot of the lewd messages that she continuously received from this guy.

Facebook removed her screenshot on the grounds that it “violated their bullying policies.” The harasser eventually deactivated his account and the woman (fitness trainer Kavithaa Ravindran) received a flood of supportive messages.


4. When this actress perfectly silenced a troll who commented "nice boobs" on her profile picture.

She later deleted her original photo, simply stating, “Not afraid of anyone but simply tired of unwanted negativity. A big thanks to all those who supported.”

5. This blogger who addressed the man who publicly masturbated at her.

British blogger Lucy Hemmings published a post explaining how, while taking a bus in Mumbai, she was publicly masturbated at. She went on to receive hundreds of messages of support from Indians apologising for the man’s behavior.

9. This woman who didn’t want to ignore another Facebook message in her "Other" inbox.

Facebook: richa.chandrawanshi

Since posting the screenshot, Chandrawanshi has received a slew of positive comments, all commending her on not ignoring such messages.

10. This woman who warned everyone about a driver who masturbated while driving.


After contacting the cab company, the woman was told that "action would be taken within 24 hours." She later tweeted that after meeting representatives from the company, the driver had been fired.

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