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11 Hate Crimes Sikhs Have Suffered This Year, After Being Mistaken For Muslims

Ignorance kills.

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Aside from making life increasingly dangerous for Muslims around the world, rising Islamophobia globally has resulted in members of the Sikh community being falsely identified and attacked.

When someone photoshopped an image of a Sikh man so that he looked like an alleged Paris attacker.
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When a Sikh taxi driver was called "Bin Laden", repeatedly beaten, and left unconscious on the side of the road by a Chicago teenager.

When a Sikh NCAA player was turned into a racist meme because people thought he was Muslim.

When a Sikh man was denied entry into a nightclub and punched in the face after a bouncer assumed he was a terrorist.

When an 82-year-old Sikh man was brutally beaten in California with a steel pipe because a man thought he looked like one of "those people".

When a 12-year-old Sikh boy was arrested after a classmate joked about a bomb being in his bag.

When a Sikh man was beaten up in Birmingham while people just stood around and watched.

When a Sikh store owner was shot in the face while his attacker said, "I used to kill people like you in Iraq with no problem".

When three Sikh guys were harassed and denied entry into an NFL game.

When a Sikh student in New Zealand received death threats for wearing a turban.


And when someone filmed a Sikh man flying on his flight and uploaded the video to YouTube with the title "Would you feel safe?".