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How It Feels To Register For Your Last Semester Of Grad School

Yay! You're almost done with your Master's degree! NOW GET BACK TO WORK!

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It's the home stretch, my friend. Your last semester of your Master's program.

People laughed when you went back to school. But you showed them, didn't ya, buddy?

Now it's time to register for your last semester. Doesn't it feel great?

You're a smart cookie, so you've probably got your thesis project all figured out!

Or maybe not.

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But you've got that awesome advisor to see you through. Someone you can really count on.

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But don't forget the other classes you still need to take to graduate!

Maybe it's that last requirement that you've been putting off?

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Or maybe it's that one amazing class that you've been waiting for the school to offer, and it's FINALLY open!

All done with that online form! Piece of cake! Now let your mind wander to all your wondrous future plans.

You'll have to get a real job soon!

And all those Federal Student Loans are waiting around the corner.

Maybe you should just focus on your finals.

Cheer up! You've got a whole semester to figure out your life!

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So enjoy your last winter break, ol' pal!

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And maybe look in to Doctorate programs.

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