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    17 Times Charlie Brown Holiday Specials Saw Into Your Soul

    You really get me, Charlie Brown!

    1. When you danced like no one was watching.

    2. When your big paycheck arrived, and you could finally treat yourself to a fine meal.

    3. When you had to cope with life's many disappointments.

    4. When people just didn't get your jokes.

    5. When your friend was on one of those fad diets, and it was impossible to eat with them.

    6. When you started kindergarden/elementary/middle school/high school/college/grad school/new job/etc.

    7. When your favorite band went mainstream, but you kept listening anyway.

    8. When you had to deal with stingy people.

    9. When you were obsessed with your crush and desperately wanted to be with them...

    10. ...but then you couldn't quite express yourself when you finally got the chance.

    11. When everything you touch got ruined.

    12. When the leaves change and you are overcome with a desire to destroy every meticulously raked pile.

    13. When you couldn't have your favorite treat.

    14. When your Seasonal Affective Disorder was getting the best of you.

    15. When you realized you can do whatever the hell you want.

    16. When you just stared out the window and took stock of your life.

    17. When you realized you had more friends than you thought.