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"Veronica Mars" Stars Reveal Their Neptune High Doppelgangers

Which "Veronica Mars" character were you in high school? Were you a bad boy like Logan, or the ultimate nice guy like Wallace? Maybe you ruled the halls like mean girl Madison Sinclair, or felt more at home with a line of code than a prom dress like Mac. Whoever you were, Marshmallow, you probably wished you had a friend like Veronica: smart, determined, and loyal to the end. Hulu caught up with the cast at their SXSW premiere to find out who they were most like in high school. Here are their answers.

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1. Rob Thomas (Creator, Writer and Director)


"I was the big dumb jock. I was a newspaper kid and then an athlete. I guess

possibly the only athlete in our show would have been Duncan. I was very much an all American kid—a very clean cut kid."

2. Percy Dags III (Wallace)


"I was Wallace Fennel. I was really close to my character. I like to think that some of the things that people tend to like a lot about [Wallace] I humbly hope I have in myself. I consider myself a good friend, a people person, I have a lot of love for

everyone, and I wear my heart on my sleeve like Wallace. I procrastinated a little bit

on the school work but I got it done and had good grades like Wallace, too. And we

both have good hair."

3. Tina Majorino (Mac)


"Probably Mac. I'm not tech savvy like that at all, but I think that I definitely related to her feeling like a black sheep and feeling different."

4. Jason Dohring (Logan Echolls)


"I was a cross between Logan and Duncan. I would like to think of myself more as Duncan, but I got in some trouble so that puts me in a little bit of the Logan category. I was smoking cigarettes but not inhaling like the president when I was 14 and my dad found out and he didn't talk to me for 6 days. I was not inhaling, I promise, I wasn't."

5. Ryan Hansen (Dick Casablancas)


"I'd like to say, unfortunately, I was a little bit of Dick, but I was also a little bit of Logan, and a little bit of Piz, which I think creates kind of a pretty good guy."

6. Chris Lowell (Piz)


"Veronica: Like a rebel, but not that much of a rebel. I'm not Logan, punching my principals in the face, but I'm breaking into shit that I probably shouldn't and not for any good reason. Veronica does things for a good cause; I wasn't. I was just being a mischievous teenager."

7. Amanda Noret (Madison Sinclair)


"I think a little bit of everyone, honestly. I was a big theater nerd, so I kind of

marched to the beat of my own drummer, but I was also a cheerleader, so there

were parts of Madison that are organic to me. [Unlike Madison] I was a little bit

more of the equal opportunity friend and was friends with everybody."

8. Kristen Bell (Veronica)


Hulu didn't get a chance to chat with Kristen at the premiere, but her comment

during the Q&A after the film ended says it all: "I'd like to say that Rob Thomas writes dialogue that's already in my head. When I was playing Veronica Mars, I got to a point halfway through season one where I didn't feel like I was acting anymore."

Even if Kristen Bell wasn't Veronica Mars in high school, she certainly will be in our hearts.

You can catch "Veronica Mars" in select AMC theaters and on-demand through cable, satellite, and online providers.

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