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    Ranking Of The Smartest And Dumbest Dogs

    In case you were wondering why your friends dog can do backflips and yours pretends you don't exist...

    5th Smartest Dog: Doberman Pinscher / Via

    You've probably seen these dogs in movies as guard dogs. That's because they are easily trained for dominance. Even though their pointed ears may look devilish, they are actually very gentle and make great family dogs!

    4th Smartest Dog: Golden Retriever / Via

    If you've ever had a Golden Retriever, then this one is pretty obvious. They are the most affectionate and popular breed, being known for their gentleness and intelligence. They can learn over 200 commands, making them great companions, family dogs, and service dogs. They have a eagerness to please and learn, making them super smart.

    3rd Smartest Dog: German Shepherd / Via

    There's a reason why German Shepherds are known for being police dogs. They were bred specifically for intelligence. They can learn a skill only after a few repetitions and obey commands almost immediately. They are eager to learn, giving them direction and purpose, which is extremely important to these dogs. Because of their smart, courageous, and protective demeanor, the Shepherd are also used for herding animals, they are often used as guard dogs, search-and-rescue dogs, and have even been trained by the military for parachute jumps!

    2nd Smartest Dog: Standard Poodle / Via

    Who would've thought that such a "prissy" dog could be in the top 5 smartest dogs? Poodles are easily trainable and sharp-minded. They thrive being around humans, learning from them without much effort. Don't take their fluffy hairstyle the wrong way; Poodles can make really great guard dogs. Their hairstyle was actually created so they could swim more effectively while still having fur to protect it's organs while it was hunting. Poodles love training and play time, making them very popular in circus settings. Because these dogs thrive off learning and creativity, they get bored when left alone, causing them to look for some fun trouble.

    THE Smartest Dog: Border Collie / Via

    The Border Collie is THE smartest dog, believe it or not! Most known for herding animals, the Border Collie has a lot of energy and intelligence. Because of this, it is extremely important to give them an "occupation" to give them a sense of purpose. If you don't, well, then they'll use that energy to overturn everything in your house while you're gone. They have an intense connection with humans, however, they need someone who can match their energy. They need the stimulation, mind and body, to be the dog they are supposed to be. With the right person, Border Collies are well behaved, easily trained, and a great companion.

    5th DUMBEST Dog: Borzoi (Russian Wolfhound) / Via

    Just because the Borzoi is big, does not mean it is smart. They're very cat-like - independent and free-thinking. They're stuck-up and tend to care about themselves more than their masters. They're very, VERY hard to train due to their stubbornness, however, their loyalty and affection makes up for it.

    4th Dumbest Dog: Chow Chow / Via

    Chow Chow's personalities are also very similar to cats. They demand attention and are very strong-willed. They can get extremely jealous and stubborn. The owner of a Chow must be very firm and must not be a quitter. They're extremely dominate and will take charge if they feel their owner isn't the alpha. Even though they rank number 4 on the dumb dog list, the dog isn't that stupid. The nature and personality of the dog make them very stubborn and hard to train, making them pretty much ignore what you have to say. Despite their stubbornness, they are great dogs to snuggle with.

    3rd Dumbest Dog: Bulldog / Via

    Although Bulldogs used to be portrayed as these mean, butch dogs, they're actually one of the most extremely gentle and affectionate dogs ever. They're very courageous and have a mind of their own, which might make them seem like a good guard dog. However, that's not usually how they use their intelligence. It takes A LOT of patience to train a Bulldog. Once they're trained, they're a piece of cake, but to make the cake? It's a slow bake. They're pretty stubborn and move a little slower; it almost seems like they're looking through you when you're trying to get them to listen to a command. But with time and patience, a Bulldog can be trained. Don't be put off by them for this though! If you're thinking about getting a Bulldog, they make a great snuggle buddy and family pet. They're so ugly, they're cute and they will slobber all over your heart.

    2nd Dumbest Dog: Basenji / Via

    You've probably never heard of this dog. Basenji's are not that popular, but they make it at #2 on the dumby list. Another cat-like dog, Basenji's can spend hours grooming themselves and staring out the window, watching every little movement outside. They are very temperamental and independent, making them extremely hard to train.

    Fun fact: Basenji's are known for their bark. It sometimes sounds like a human either laughing or crying. If you've ever been around a Basenji before, you've probably looked over your shoulder thinking you'll see a baby or chuckling human. Kinda creepy.

    THE Dumbest Dog: Afghan Hound / Via

    Although they look educated and majestic, the Afghan Hound is one of the hardest dogs to train. It's not that they want to be to above you, it's just they have an very low obedience level. Owners of these dogs say that you need to call them for several minutes before it comes back inside the house. They are extremely sensitive and cat-like, preferring to be on their own instead of listening to a master. However, many say that the personality of the breed makes up for its lack of intelligence.

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