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    5 Memoirs That Remind Us Of The Meaning Of Family

    Find your next inspirational read with this list of memoirs written by those who have endured difficulties in their past. With a goal of inspiring hope in others, these talented authors provide real-life stories of family conflict, international journeys and personal growth that will remind us all that the power of family should never be underestimated.

    Pieces of Me: Rescuing My Kidnapped Daughters by Lizbeth Meredith

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    When Lizbeth Meredith’s daughters were kidnapped by their non-custodial father one fateful day in 1994, Lizbeth knew she had to take the international journey to find them, no matter what it took. The community of Anchorage, Alaska, helped her look near and far, becoming her temporary family that eventually extended to include Greeks and expats who helped her in her efforts. This memoir recounts her own childhood kidnapping, leading to the emotional odyssey in search of her missing daughters.

    Scattering Ashes: A Memoir of Letting Go by Joan Z. Rough

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    Joan Rough grew up with an alcoholic and emotionally abusive mother. When her mother’s health started to decline, Rough longed to be the “good daughter” and did everything in her power to help her come to terms with her approaching death. When she dies seven years later, Rough is faced with the challenge of knowing what to do with her ashes. A memoir for anyone who has endured abuse, this story provides readers with hope for a better life.

    Bettyville: A Memoir by George Hodgman

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    Caring for a stubborn and aging mother has its ups and downs, much like George Hodgman's story of his own experiences in helping his mother Betty at the end of life. Through this humorous memoir, Hodgman explores moving Betty to an assisted living facility, whether she would accept that he is gay, and finding the right words to say to each other in these difficult times.

    The Space Between by Virginia A. Simpson

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    As a grief care specialist, Dr. Virginia Simpson knows the ins and outs of helping others cope when they are faced with loss and have nowhere to turn. But when her own mother Ruth is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, Simpson is left with no choice but to learn to navigate the uncertainty and take on the role of caregiver. In her honest look at the difficulties of facing death and juggling caregiving with one’s own schedule, Simpson shares her experiences and reminds us to acknowledge the realities of death and to live our lives to their fullest potential.

    An Abbreviated Life by Ariel Leve

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    At a young age, Ariel Leve had to learn to be her own parent – she took care of herself and her mother’s needs. Surrounded by conditional love in the form of sudden outbursts and spontaneous rages, followed by impromptu expressions of affection, Leve was unsure of how a child was supposed to feel safe in this world. Writing on her experiences, the author shares a touching tale of a child’s development when all they know is chronic mistreatment, showing the readers a glimpse into her tumultuous growth in finding a life she never thought possible.