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    5 Books For The Adventure-Seeking Woman

    Pack your bags and let these adventurous authors take you on a literary journey. Explore stories of cities near and far as characters discover new things about life and love.

    First Rodeo by Judith Hennessey

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    When single mother Kate uproots her life and moves from the city to Prickly Pear Ranch in Wyoming, her life is never the same again. Surprising everyone, Kate becomes the city girl who goes country, falls head over boots for a cowboy who changes her life in even more ways. Exploring love and life, Kate ultimately realizes that the greatest love of all is the love of oneself.

    When In French: Love in a Second Language by Lauren Collins

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    Love has no language barrier, and that is especially true for Lauren Collins who moved to London after college and fell in love with a Frenchman. Follow along this humorous tale of culture and history as Collins gets lost in translation in her search for the right words to communicate with her family as she learns to live in French.

    June: A Novel by Miranda Beverly-Whittemore

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    A novel about family secrets and Hollywood drama, the author takes readers on a journey through the eyes of 25-year-old Cassie Danvers who discovers she is the heir to a famous matinee idol's inheritance after her grandmother passes away. Take an adventure as the story moves between past and present to explore the true meaning of love and family.

    Roman Crazy by Alice Clayton and Nina Bocci

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    What happens when a single mother leaves her home country in search for a new beginning in a far away country? When Avery Bardot leaves her soon-to-be ex husband in Boston, she finds the one who got away in Rome. A story of second chances and living life to its fullest potential, readers will be whisked away to explore what can happen if you dare yourself to live.

    The Bookshop on the Corner: A Novel by Jenny Colgan

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    In a town where Nina Redmond is an expert at finding the perfect books for visitors of her local bookstore, she loses her job and decides to move to a tiny town and open her own mobile bookstore, continuing her literary matchmaking skills. In her search for adventure and magic, Nina is finally able to write the happy ending for herself she has always desired.

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