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21 Reasons Your Bff Is The Best Person In The World

I love you so much Emma. Happy Birthday to the best friend in the world!

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1. You've been best friends forever and nothing has changed, no matter how much time has gone by.

2. You have been friends through your awkward stages, and lets be honest you're still pretty weird together.

3. They know all your deepest darkest secrets and you know they are safe and sound.

4. You discuss the most important things in life.

5. When you develop a new crush they are the first to do a full background check.

6. They give the best boy advice and always know whats up.

7. And when things don't work out you know they will always be there.

8. They will literally run through the rain to get some spumante for you when you're having a bad day.


9. They are always there for the scary moments, no matter how ridiculous.

10. No matter how far away they are when you need them they will be there.

11. You have no time for friendship intruders. No one will ever get between you two.

12. When you're at the club and all the guys are being lame you always have your girl to break out the moves.

13. When you're about to make a stupid go over to you-know-who's place...they're always there to get you in line.

14. And sometimes they support your stupid decisions like best friends are suppose to. They know you'll find your way.

15. Your best most memorable nights are always the ones spent together.

16. Because when you're together you are literally unstoppable.

17. These nights usually lead to something like this.

More like shots of Fleischmann. haha

18. And after these outings you always spend the next day discussing your antics over a meal.

19. When you can't be together you settle for weekly phone calls.

Even though it's never the same.

20. You have spent numerous days discussing your future together. This will be you guys in 50 years.

21. Above all, they are like a sister, a life companion, a soulmate, and you know they will always be there. To the moon and back.

<3 you.

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