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50 Signs You Go To Boarding School

There are few of us. However, we are not just the complaining, wealthy, teenage, kids we are hyped up to be...well sort of...but not really. There is something behind the tears and complaints...we have struggles too.

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8. You own about every preppy article of clothing on this planet.

Abercrombie and Hollister don't count.

17. Your definition of "hooking up" is completely different then the rest of the world.

21. Public School: Victoria's Secret Leggings+North Face Boarding School: Lulu Lemons Leggings+Patagonia

36. People from your hometown think the PG's (Post-Graduates) at your school must be crazy.

They refer to it as "graduating without actually leaving".

40. You just realized that you are part of the .03% of high schoolers who go to boarding school.

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