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50 Signs You Go To Boarding School

There are few of us. However, we are not just the complaining, wealthy, teenage, kids we are hyped up to be...well sort of...but not really. There is something behind the tears and complaints...we have struggles too.

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1. You constantly get asked if your school is like PCA from "Zoey 101".


"Yeah, I wish."

2. You reply, "It is kind of like college, with more rules."

When people ask you, "what do you do there," the real question is, "what CAN you do there."

When people ask you, "what do you do there," the real question is, "what CAN you do there."

3. It's more like prison.

4. You babysit your teachers' children.


"Why did I sign up for this?"

5. You don't get paid.

6. In fact, there are no jobs to get.

7. Unless you get disciplinary points...then you are forced to work.


"I am missing my spring break for this."

8. You own about every preppy article of clothing on this planet.

Abercrombie and Hollister don't count.

9. Except, you never get any compliments on it, because every else has the exact same boat shoes.

10. You spend about $200 on pizza a month.

11. Then your parents ask you where the money they gave you went.

12. You are required to play sports.


"I'd rather be eating."

13. You don't like to work out in your gym because your teachers are over on the other treadmill.

14. When you apply, you have to take the SSAT and nobody knows what that is.


Wait, that exists? Yes, yes it does.

15. People from your hometown think you moved to another state, because you live at your school.


Nope, I still live here.

16. You had to read about 5 summer-reading books when you entered freshman year.

17. Your definition of "hooking up" is completely different then the rest of the world.

18. Study Hall.

19. "Promposals" are actually a big thing.

20. Usually, they occur during morning meeting, so you can't say no.

21. Public School: Victoria's Secret Leggings+North Face Boarding School: Lulu Lemons Leggings+Patagonia

22. You refer to public school as "the pubs".

23. You buy a drink from the vending machine so you can have quarters for laundry.

24. Your school is in the middle of nowhere.

25. There is no such thing as "snow days".

26. However, when there is snow, you become a 7 year old, and become inventive...


Seems pretty good to me.

27. Fast internet does not exist.

28. On top of that, it turns off at "light's out".

29. Netflix has become your friend.


Six hours later on a Sunday...

30. There is no such thing as secrets.

31. In fact, rumors spread as fast as the flu and colds do.

32. Room Inspection.

Sums up my excuse to my dorm parent.

Sums up my excuse to my dorm parent.

33. Community Dinners.

34. Crawling through the window when you get locked out of your room.


"It's not as easy as it looks."

35. Then, you use that as an excuse for when you sneak out.

36. People from your hometown think the PG's (Post-Graduates) at your school must be crazy.

They refer to it as "graduating without actually leaving".

37. You rely on online shopping.

38. You use your laptop in class to check twitter instead of taking notes.


39. There is always that one kid who happens to be Bill Gates daughter or something.


Or he/she just happens to be famous...

40. You just realized that you are part of the .03% of high schoolers who go to boarding school.

41. Your class size doubled sophomore year.


"Wait, who are you again?"

42. Senior Prank Day is usually pretty awesome (usually).

43. You have a long break off in march when no one else does.

44. Your school has some weird traditions.

45. You praise dress-down days because they only occur about once every 4 months.

46. Pick Two: A Social Life. Good Grades. Sleep.

47. Well, there goes my chances at being the top of my class.

48. Urban Dictionary usually has an accurate description of your school.


This is stereotypical dress-code. However, this isn't exactly what boarding school dress code is.

49. Your boarding school friends will be your best friends in your life.


Come on, you know it's true...hug me brotha!

50. And then in a blink of an eye you have graduated...


...unless you decide to PG, then it is a whole other story.

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