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Even The Robert Durst "SNL" Sketch Is Terrifying

In the show's first new episode since the finale of HBO's The Jinx, Kate McKinnon's impersonation of Robert Durst is chilling in its accuracy. "I have black eyes, and one time I chopped up my best friend."

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At first, the SNL sketch appeared to be poking a bit of fun at improv comedy troupes…

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Then the host (Aidy Bryant) asks for an interview volunteer from the audience, and a "small shriveled hand" goes up.

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Then it's just us and Kate McKinnon's pitch-perfect impersonation of alleged killer Robert Durst.

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As "Durst," McKinnon repeats events from Durst's Jinx interviews, all while showing how bizarre his mannerisms and detached demeanor seem to make him.

Cecily Strong tops it off by striking her best boss pose as former NY prosecutor/Durst nemesis Jeanine Pirro

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Watch the entire disturbing sketch here.

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