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33 Photo Booth Photos Every Mac User Has Taken

Can I do fish eye cam under the sea?

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1. The “Roller Coaster Scream”

2. The "Sleeping Selfie"

3. The "Let's Leave Photo Booth On At Our Party!"


5. The "Swallowed By the Sea"

6. The "Look At This Thing I'm Eating"

7. The "Look At This Thing I'm Drinking"

8. The "Ha Ha My Hair Is So Crazy, Y'all"

9. The "World of Pain"

10. The "It Didn't Take Me 30 Tries...I'm Naturally This Beautiful"

Celebs....They're just like us: Photo Booth Edition / Via

Celebs....They're just like us: Photo Booth Edition

11. The "Warhol"

12. The "Artful Black and White

13. The "Girl With Hair"

14. The "Coming At You From Time and Space"

15. The "Contemplative Sepia"

16. The “How Does My Outfit Look?”

17. The "When Two Become One"

18. The "Selfie Within a Selfie...That's art, right?"

19. The “How Many People Can I Get In This Frame”

20. The "Terrible Monster Person"

21. The "Digested a Glow Stick, Something Is Wrong"

22. The "Don't Worry About Me, I'm Fine."

23. The “If You Could Hold the World in the Palm of Your Hand”

24. The "Lichtenstein"

25. The "Wait, Where's the Camera?"

26. The "Haha My Face"

27. The "But I DID step out of the frame..."

28. The "Look At This Animal I Live With"

29. The "Paranormal Activity"

30. The "Extreme Selfie"

31. The "High School"

32. The "I Don't Even Know Anymore"

33. The "Things Are Getting Weird, Guys"

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