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23 Camels Who Are Having The Best Day Ever

And it's not even hump day.

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1. This camel who loves a good photobomb.

2. These three camels having a laugh around the water cooler.

3. This camel who just got his braces removed.

4. This camel who has never flown before.

5. This camel who is getting tickled.

6. This camel who's about to eat the Pyramids lolz!

7. This camel who thinks it's awesome you're so into world history.

8. This little guy who just had first "big camel" hair cut.

9. This camel who is thinking about getting into stand up comedy.

10. This camel who finally gets to relax after a long day at the office.

11. These two camels who are best friends for life.

12. This camel who can't wait for Santa to visit this year.

13. This camel who's just excited to be here!

14. This camel who knows she looks good and doesn't need to listen to all the haters.

15. This camel who stopped the car just to take this photo.

16. This baby camel and camel mommy who don't find their fluffiness to be any trouble at all.

17. This camel whose selfie just got twenty likes on Instagram.

18. This camel who did some yoga and is feeling pretty zen about things.

19. This camel who is super excited to spend the night with his bros.

20. This camel who just bought space on a bench to advertise his real estate business.

21. This camel who just walked into his surprise birthday party.

22. This old man camel who lost his dentures but can now eat all the ice cream he wants.

23. This camel who killed a man today and isn't sorry.

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