13 “Adventure Time” Quotes To Get You Through A Rough Day

It’s not a party without inspirational quotes.

Some days you wake up feeling awful.

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Your job sucks.

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Your friends suck.

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And the entire world is basically the worst.

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1. It’s time to ditch your sweatpants and get out of your funk!

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2. Try to remember that things aren’t as bad as they might seem.

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3. Even thought you feel alone, people out there like you.

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4. In fact, they might like you a lot.

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5. They also probably think you’re pretty smart.

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6. Let’s not even discuss your parents, who think you’re the best thing to ever happened to the world.

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7. Be proud of how awesome you are.

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8. Because self-confidence is sexy!

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9. Stop worrying over the stupid stuff you did in the past.

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10. Don’t let your failures define you.

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11. As long as you’re still trying, you’re doing just fine.

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12. After all…

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13. Feel better?

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