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Vintage Ads for Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Skype

Moma Propaganda, a famous Brazilian Ad Agency, did a very cool, sort of future-in-the-past thing. They envisioned how the ads of our most popular social media channels could have looked in the 1960s.

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  • 1. The Miraculous Facebook

    Mark wouldn't be such a millionaire if Facebook would have been invented 20 years before he was even born. :))

  • 2. The sublime, but mighty Twitter

    I'm thinking that people would have loved Twitter back in the day. How did Elvis put it? ... A yes: "A little less conversation, a little more action!" ;)

  • 3. Youtube, the champion

    40 years after the invention of television, people would have been amazed by Youtube. And since everybody admired the people in the small box of moving images, just picture being able to film yourself and take a shot at becoming a star. Not to mention the promise that comes with the ad: "Your films will last forever!" But might I just make a small correction (since everybody knows how Youtube works): Your most embarrassing moments will last forever!

  • 4. Skype, the fabulous family reuniter

    What better way to have "vigorous" family bonds if you are miles away from each other?!

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