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12 NSYNC's Greatest Hits Updated For Their Now Twentysomething Fan Base

Though our love and devotion will ALWAYS remain steadfast, a few things have changed for NSYNC fans over the last 10 years.

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1. Bye Bye Bye (To My Ability to Digest Gluten)

2. I Drive Myself Crazy (Comparing My Personal and Professional Successes to Those of My Peers)

3. It’s Gonna Be Me (Who Gets Mugged, According to All the Articles My Mother Emails Me)

4. I Want You Back (But I’ve Had Several Drinks So Please Disregard This Text You Know What Just Come Over It’s Fine Feelings Aren’t Real Until They Are)

5. (My Health Insurance is) Gone (Because I'm 26)

6. God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You (Or Maybe it Was A Different Deity Or Maybe it was Nothing I Honestly Don’t Know What I Believe Anymore Sorry Mom and Dad Thank You for That Expensive Bat Mitzvah it Was Really Fun)

7. Pop (Goes My Adult Acne)

8. This I Promise You (Someday I Will Stop Stealing Small Unnoticeable Bits of My Roommates’ Food While They’re Sleeping)

9. No Strings Attached (Is a Romantic Policy That Works Zero Percent of The Time)

10. It Makes Me Ill (That You Made That Face After I Said I’m A Feminist)

11. Just Got Paid (Above Minimum Wage for the First Time Since Graduating And I Still Can’t Afford My Apartment)

12. I’ll be Good For You (I Will Leave You Emotionally Damaged But Also Show You The Importance of Facial Moisturizer)

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