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    11 People Who Found Their Passion Later in Life

    It's never too late to be who you want to be.

    Life can be frustrating as you try to figure out what you want to do with it. As I watch television or read a Buzzfeed article I hear about these individuals doing such incredible things that they are so passionate about and I think - why can't that be me? Why can't I figure out my passion and be successful in life right at this very moment?!

    Well here's some news that might cheer you up – you're not alone. Whether you know your passion and are trying to make it your career, stuck in a career path you are not satisfied with, or simply can't figure out where to even begin defining what you are passionate about; so many people have been in that exact same place and stumbled upon a way to change their life. So here are some stories that may help inspire you...

    Tina Fey – Actress, Comedian, Writer, Producer

    Andrea Bocelli – Italian Classical Tenor, Recording Artist, Singer-Songwriter

    J.K. Rowling – Novelist

    Samuel L. Jackson – Actor, Film Producer

    Mary Kay Ash – Entrepreneur

    Harrison Ford – Actor, Film Producer

    Eva Longoria – Actress, Activist

    John Cho – Actor, Musician

    Alan Rickman – Actor, Director

    Vera Wang – Fashion Designer

    Michael Fitzpatrick – Singer-Songwriter

    Like visuals more than reading? Then check out this picture below for even more inspiration!

    So when life gives you lemons, make some darn good lemonade and enjoy it because what's the rush? Enjoy life, keep learning and remember – you'll figure life out soon so just relax, stay curious, and be determined to keep moving forward..