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    25 Special Moments Captured While Cycling Around The World

    It was a cold October morning in 2010 that Thomas Andersen left his home in Copenhagen, Denmark and started to cycle south. This is a selection of 25 special places and moments he captured with his camera along the way!

    1. Wroclaw Bridge

    2. Anna

    3. The Merry Cemetery

    4. The Bosphorus

    5. Snow in Damascus

    6. Escaping the Crowds at Giza

    7. The Paryaya Festival in Udupi

    8. The Center of Attention

    9. Hampi

    10. Orissa Street Scene

    11. Thai Beauty

    12. #12 The World’s Biggest Water Fight

    13. Chinatown

    14. The VIP has Arrived

    15. Evening in the Mountains

    16. Bromo Erupting

    17. Aboriginal Kid

    18. Uluru

    19. Mount Cook Cycling

    20. Along the Andes

    21. The Milky Way

    22. Laguna Brava

    23. Camping at Salar de Uyuni

    24. Fiestaaa

    25. Climbing Chachani

    Thomas Andersen is currently cycling through Colombia on the way towards Canada. You can follow along on as well as on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.