15 Things That Happen When You Are Addicted To Coffee

You should probably be worried about your daily caffeine intake but your bloodstream is mostly lattes now anyway.

1. When people ask you if you’ve ever done drugs, you respond with “No, but I drink a lot of coffee.”

You know that your coffee habit is a becoming a real concern when you actually start referring to drinking coffee as a substance abuse problem

2. You’re a total angry jerk before coffee and morning people are the devil

3. Productivity is basically non-existent without it.

4. When the coffee finally kicks in and you feel completely and utterly fabulous.

5. When people ask you if you like coffee you respond like this:

The CW / Via pinterest.com

6. Friends tell you they have started cutting back on their coffee now and you’re just like:

7. People saying they are giving up coffee for green tea is categorically unfathomable to you.

8. People at work saying you “should really cut down on the coffee” send you into fits of anger and rage.

It’s becoming an occupational health and safety hazard now

9. You no longer feel the need to hide the copious amounts of coffee that you drink. You just own it!

10. When some nosy cow feels the need to ask you how many cups of coffee you drink per day:

20th Century Fox / Via fmlawschool.tumblr.com

11. Few things in life give you as much joy as reaching the free cup of coffee on your coffee card.

12. Finishing your coffee during a meeting sends you into deep, deep despair.

13. But then your boss suggests a coffee run and your faith in humanity is restored!

14. When people try telling you how bad the profuse amount of coffee you drink is, you are not a known giver of bothers.

15. Work is finally over and now you can go meet up with you friends for coffee!

Lionsgate / Via fmlawschool.tumblr.com

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