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    The Waterpik Is Now 43% Off And My Gums, For One, Are Thrilled

    So long to the hunk of spinach stuck in my back molar.

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    My dentist: A great person. But I still dread the appointment; I still dread the secret shame of having to lie about whether or not I floss. (I don't. Neither do you. The hunk of spinach stuck in your back molar has been there since 2013.)

    Luckily, our gums have been appointed a savior in the form of the Waterpik flosser — and it's on sale for Prime Day at a whopping 43% off, to boot.

    the black Waterpik flosser

    TL;DR: The Waterpik is designed with 10 settings that blast pressurized water into your mouth. The result? Squeaky clean teeth, massaged gums, and 99.9% of plaque going *poof*, leaving you with a professionally cleaned feeling.

    And unlike traditional floss, the long stem means no finger aerobics are required to reach any of your teeth — especially those back molars.

    reviewer showing teeth

    The Waterpik is also *especially* great for folks with braces! Traditional flossing is made more difficult when you've got metal glued to your teeth, and this is able to maneuver itself into all those nooks and crannies with ease.

    And I mean, over 70,000 reviewers (yes, you read that right... 70,000) swear that this magic gadget is a pro when it comes to cleaning your Chiclets.

    the customer reviewers showing a 4.7 out of 5 rating

    Anywho, what are you waiting for!? Snag this Waterpik flosser for 43% off and give your chompers the treatment they deserve.

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