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    32 Versatile Accessories You’ll Wear At Least Three Times A Week

    "Do you own anything else" —your jealous friends.

    1. A western-inspired belt to nix sagging jeans *and* outfit boredom. This pretty, affordable piece is here to keep your high-waisted denim in place while adding a pop of metal.

    2. Lightweight hoop earrings available in yellow, white, and rose gold as well as in three sizes. Reviewers swear these versatile bebe's look like they could easily cost five times the price — thankfully, they do not.

    model wearing the hoop earrings

    3. Stackable rings perfect for gifting because — gird your loins — it comes in a perfectly presentable gift box that won't require tape, wrapping paper, scissors, or patience.

    4. A personalized bracelet best described as dainty thanks to its simple chain detailing and an elegant script font, which can be customized with the name of a loved one (the loved one in this context for me = my pride and joy, my dog).

    the bracelet

    5. Claw clips because it's about time you bid adieu to the damaging hair ties of updos past and embrace the tool that TikTok has been telling me to buy for the last 13 months. These securely hold back your mane without tugging or pulling, meaning breakage and headaches = no longer an issue.

    6. A Herkimer diamond necklace that's available in a salt and pepper hue, which is appropriate considering that *this* piece of jewelry will be the only flavor my outfits will ever need going forward. "The necklace is the outfit" I'll say to the reflection of an oversized tee and leggings staring back at me.

    model wearing the necklace

    7. A statement cocktail ring you can wear with a plain sweater and et voila! You'll resemble a fashionable extra on the set of Emily in Paris.

    reviewer wearing the ring

    8. A pack of Burlybands, because it's time we ditch the dollar store hair ties and look to greener pastures. These won't stretch out, won't break after that extra wrap, and genuinely stay in place, plus they feature a seamless design that won't damage your hair (...unlike the one you're currently sporting on your wrist).

    9. A dainty necklace that is the perfect in-between. This basic hunk of beauty is *just* the stuff when you want to zhuzh up a plain black dress but don’t want to wear anything too statementy.

    model wearing the necklace

    10. Birthstone earrings packaged in a gorgeous keepsake box that means receiving these in the mail = the equivalent of unwrapping a beautiful present.

    11. A handmade claw clip ideal for half-up 'dos and effortlessly chic low buns. And rest assured that this accessory will stand the test of time thanks to a durable acetate acrylic material.

    model wearing the clip in their hair

    12. Black loafers to add polish to any outfit, even if said outfit consists of black leggings and a wrinkled tee. Throw on a black blazer for extra oomph and hoorah! We’re got a recipe for your next #ootd.

    reviewer wearing the black loafers with gold chain design

    13. A belt buckle fedora hat because "I didn't feel like washing my hair" days are inevitable and the heart can't live on dry shampoo alone. Grease, meet your new best friend.

    14. A sterling silver knot ring here to really tie the ~knot~ when it comes to getting the compliment of best accessory ever. It's perfectly dainty, goes with any style or wardrobe, and reviewers swear it won't leave behind the dreaded green line.

    reviewer wearing the silver knot ring

    15. Gold-plated padlock dangles about to ~lock~ in the title of your new favorite earrings. They're dainty enough that they go with everything in any closet *but* are a bit more daring than the average studs.

    16. A layered choker necklace so delicate and dainty, it truly looks like it would cost upwards of 1 million dollars. Surprise! It actually costs less than $10.

    reviewer wearing the layered necklace

    17. A JW Pei vegan leather purse available in vibrant hues and neutral shades alike. Light purple, lime green, chocolate brown...no matter the color you choose, fashionable folks are sure to love any item from this TikTok-famous brand.

    18. A Jet Set Candy accessory so you can travel the globe — sort of. This brand uses quality sterling silver, 14-karat vermeil, or solid gold to create destination-inspired jewelry that will do nothing to quell your wanderlust. Sorry, not sorry.

    model holding up silver necklace pendant labeled Rome

    19. Square-toe boots guaranteed to become your new IT. And by IT, I mean this is your new official go-to shoe — the kind of gorgeous thing that pulls through when you have five minutes to get ready and no patience.

    20. A beautifully constructed Daniel Wellington watch — the kind of splurge-worthy accessory that would be passed down through family members for generations to come. When words fail, I'll let an emoji do the talking: 😍.

    model wearing gold watch with white face

    21. Sterling silver cubic zirconia studs bound to become the accessory you *never* take off. Consider them a permanent fixture on your earlobes from now on.

    22. A tote bag best described as perfection for folks who are always in a rush. This is perfectly structured, allowing them to slip their laptops in with ease while streamlined pockets mean they won’t spend minutes (hours, days) searching for their car keys, lip balm, and other miscellaneous necessities.

    the tote bag

    23. A chunky hoop because fancy-ing up an outfit can be as easy as one, two, swap out your studs. These beauties look like a hunk of art with reviewers swearing that they're super lightweight, to boot. All hail a statement accessory that doesn't cause sore earlobes.

    24. Platform Converse for a fashion-forward twist on your classic Chucks. These are designed with a cushy memory foam lining for maximum comfort, so I impart on you a warning: You will want to wear these trendy pals every. single. day.

    the sneakers

    25. A droolworthy ~The Crowned~ necklace from Awe Inspired, a collection that pays homage to four badass royal highnesses (Catherine the Great, Nefertiti, Queen Esther, and Boudicca). And while the pendants are stunning, so are the chains: You can choose plain *or* options with turquoise, ruby, and more vibrant beads.

    26. Ear climbers for folks who want additional piercings but are simply too chicken to go through with it. Their first one happened at the age of one! Claire’s is scary! TL;DR: These climbers will add more to your lobe, no needles required.

    model wearing the ear climbers

    27. A faux-leather bucket bag worthy of some serious drool. This roomy purse has ample space for all of your necessities — laptop, workout clothes, you name it! — but looks *way* better than the old gym duffel you've been using for 84 years.

    28. Snake earrings sure to slither their way into your shopping cart due to a fun, trendy design that still feels remarkably...dainty? This allows you to decorate your lobes with jewelry that’s reptilian in origin.

    model wearing the earrings

    29. Dr. Martens combat boots durable enough to withstand anything: sleet, snow, rain, dive bars, and the list goes on for miles. Consider this stylish investment your new wardrobe staple from now until, well, forever.

    model wearing the black boots

    30. A sterling silver ring dubbed the croissant ring, which means that, other than an actual edible flaky croissant, there can be nothing better. 10/10 recommend wearing a wearable pastry.

    model wearing the silver ring

    31. A lightweight scarf perfect for fastening into a headband (bad hair days, who?). It's available in beautiful polka-dot and floral patterns for adding a pop of zhuzh to any simple outfit.

    reviewer wearing the scarf

    32. Chelsea boots that, despite having a generous heel, are comfortable enough to walk around in all darn day. These are perfect for weekends fueled by coffee runs and trips to the book store.

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