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    34 Gorgeous Tops You'll Want To Add To Your Wardrobe ASAP

    An assortment of everything from going out tops (a constant struggle) to the perfect basic V-neck tees.

    1. A sleeveless tee because humidity has arrived and with it, an endless amount of sweat. Presenting the easiest way to wear as little clothing as possible while still feeling dressed up enough in your stuffy office building. You’re welcome.

    2. A cowl top made from a slinky, silky material that looks significantly more expensive than it is. I've eaten an ice cream cone that costs more than this cami (that's NYC living for you).

    3. A flutter sleeve t-shirt that goes great with shorts, which reminds me to remind you that it is officially shorts season therefore it is time to THRIVE.

    4. A lace insert cami ideal for any and every scenario, whether that involves grabbing coffee from your local coffee shop or visiting a health-rating-unknown bar while on vacation in a foreign country. Versatility! It is our friend.

    5. A V-neck peplum top that'll have you humming 🎶 itsy bitsy teenie weenie 🎶 even though you are wearing neither a bikini or the color yellow.

    6. A criss-cross back bodysuit because little black dresses = great. But little black bodysuits you can pair with your favorite high-waisted denim? Priceless. (Well, $12.90, so almost priceless.)

    7. A V-neck top with a clear destiny. What is the destiny, you ask? It involves being worn to every single bar-frequenting occasion you have coming up this month (and yes, this includes those college friend catch up drinks you agreed to go to at the beginning of the week when you were still full of life and energy).

    8. A lace halter top perfect for every season. Don this under a blazer when the weather can best be described as "my face hurts", wear it by its lonesome when the sun is shining and the birds are chirping and your sweat won't permit additional layers.

    9. A button-up top you can truly pair with any bottom, whether it be your trusty denim shorts or the polarizing flare jeans you just spontaneously purchased and aren’t sure if you actually like (but they were on sale so GUESS WHAT you snagged em anyway).

    10. A Tularosa cropped top featuring gorgeous gold embroidery and mid-length bell sleeves that is currently 70% off so excuse me while I go and complete my own purchase.

    11. A basic crewneck tee available in a leopard print, which means it’s actually not basic at all. A fun print + an easy to style silhouette = pure bliss for the person who would like to be trendy, but is constantly running late.

    12. A camisole top that I hereby dub your official "Me and some friends rented out a beach house on the shore" uniform. This pairs perfectly with sunburn and salty hair.

    13. A pleated V-neck top ideal for every ~we're all going out~ event you have coming up this month. Birthday dinner? Karaoke nights? Dreaded high school reunions? Get ready to slay 'em all.

    14. A band tee made from the touch, the feel, the fabric of our lives — 100% cotton, baby! That kind of composition could 🎶 make a grown man cry 🎶, am I right?

    15. A sleeveless lace number you'll never have to worry about re-tucking into your bottom of choice because SURPRISE, it's a bodysuit and is therefore guaranteed to stay put.

    16. A button-front blouse you'll want to wear every single Friday. This is perfect for both end-of-week office meetings and beginning-of-the-weekend-drinks, the latter of which I am personally very excited for.

    17. A cami top you'll want to stock up on in all 18 available prints/colors, seeing as how it's guaranteed to become your new ~warm weather dressing~ uniform.

    18. A sleeveless top that's slightly longer in the back, meaning you can live comfortably knowing that it's possible to wear low-rise jeans (why oh why?) without the fear that your undies are showing.

    19. A seamless halter made from a thick, scoop-you-in material that provides just the right amount of support for your breast friends...meaning you don't have to worry about "but what about my BRA showing?" situations. Just go sans bra. It'll be fine.

    20. A woven tube top that's breezy enough to wear over your bikini whilst walking the boardwalk in one million degree weather. (And get ready for your pulse to quicken because you can even get matching culotte pants to boot.)

    21. A J. Crew V-neck peplum top featuring unique embellishments (and a lovely cotton linen material) worthy of an Instagram post. Not to rush to conclusions, but this may just catapult you into becoming an #ootd social media guru.

    22. A crop top that does not shy away from florals, even though it is truly a unique print to wear in the spring. (If this was an Instagram caption, the language featured here would be translated as sarcasm.)

    23. A slightly off-shoulder top for the person who aspires to wear more color but alas, likely never will. Say bonjour to your newest favorite go-to in all the land.

    24. A wrap top to banish all digs through closet —> finds nothing to wear —> cancels plans scenarios. Long gone will be the days of the "I'm actually not going to make it..." texts on account of not loving your outfit.

    25. A tie-front tank that looks like it was plucked from the shelves of some hip retro-inspired boutique. Lie to your peers and tell them it's vintage (even though we will both know that it's from Madewell).

    26. A button-down top you will wear from now until the end of time. To infinity and beyond. Until the cows come home. Until pigs begin to speak, sprout wings, and fly. In other words — it'll never ever go out of style.

    27. An off-the-shoulder knit top bound to suffer the same fate as your favorite jeans or your most beloved bra. In other words, this WILL be worn all 👏 the 👏 time 👏.

    28. A V-neck tee made from a buttery soft material that’ll have you swooning every time you slip it on. Add some stripes, a red lip, and voila! suddenly you’ve just come back from a trip to Paris, freshly-baked baguette in hand.

    29. A ribbed one-shoulder top that is basically the cropped, more versatile version of your favorite emoji: 💃.

    30. A band tee known for being a bit needy. It's constantly trying to a) hold you hand, and b) take romantic walks together down Abbey Road. Great in theory, annoying in practice.

    31. A lightweight smocked blouse featuring a watercolor design that deserves to be on display at the MoMA. I am no art historian (hard to believe, I know), but this — my new favorite top — deserves some RECOGNITION.

    32. A gingham crop top that Dorothy would likely be wearing had The Wizard of Oz taken place in 2019. Basket (and dog 💔) not included with purchase.

    33. A peplum top you’ll struggle to keep out of the grubby paws of your roommate, who steals your clothes and your food more than your own flesh and blood does.

    34. A ruffle sleeve top that will be slithering into your shopping cart faster than you can say “AT WHAT POINT did snakeskin become so popular???!” I’m not sure of the answer, but hiss hiss because I am allllll for the trend.

    Me, adding more clothes to my closet even thought I just finished up sorting/cleaning/donating my entire wardrobe:

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