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27 Of The Coolest Things You Can Get On Uncommon Goods Right Now

Including ostrich planters, DIY lip balm kits, coffee bean necklaces, and more!

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11. A DIY molten lip gloss kit for the aspiring Bonne Bell. You'll definitely give Lip Smacker a run for their money.

Use nourishing castor oil, mica, and glycerin to make six bottles of watermelon and bubblegum-flavored lip gloss.

Price: $28

15. Plush pals guaranteed to make the perfect gift for your pre-med student friend.

"You've got to be kidney me." —me, if I were to ever receive one of the above plush organs.

Alas, I am not a medical student, so I probably won't.

Price: $18

18. One-of-a-kind coasters made from reclaimed records. They'll spare your coffee table an achy breaky heart.

These bad boys will protect your table, hence sparing it the pain of an achy breaky heart.

Comes in a pack of six assorted coasters!

Price: $18

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