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    15 Of The Best Desk Chairs You Can Get On Amazon

    Well hello there, home office makeover!

    1. A velvet armchair capable of taking any home office and turning it into something far more glamorous. Velvet? In furniture form? Fit for royalty.

    Promising review: "I've had this chair for about two weeks now and it's perfect. I was nervous about getting a green chair, but the color is gorgeous. Also, I received this a week earlier than the estimated arrival date." β€”Amazon Customer

    Price: $126.90+ (available in nine colors)

    2. A high-back gaming chair to make your next Call of Duty marathon (we're talking one that lasts, like, 24 straight hours) into an ordeal that doesn't make your back ache.


    Promising review: "I’ve had this for about six months and it’s the most comfortable computer chair I’ve owned. I game and work for long periods of time and have back problems and get a sore tailbone easily. This has helped tremendously." β€”WolvesHaveReturned

    Price: 109.98 (available in five colors)

    3. A Gaiam balance ball kit to improve your balance, engage your core, and help align your back to ease pain. I'm just going to go ahead and say that this is the equivalent of working out whilst sitting.

    Promising review: "Great balance ball for my home office! Helps keep me alert and is a mild workout for my core at the same time. The base ring helps prevent it from rolling away, which is perfect. The pump was kinda cheap, but worked for it’s purpose. Great kit for those who want a healthier alternative to a chair." β€”SigGirl

    Price: $29.99 (available in five colors)

    4. A high-back executive chair designed with very important ~executives~ that work from home in mind. That includes you, of course.

    Promising review: "First of all, putting this chair together took about 10 minutes. I work at home and spend up to 10 hours daily sitting on this chair. So far, it has provided continuous comfort for my back and my productivity has increased. After eight months of daily use, the cushioning still feels like new!" β€” TY16

    Price: $111.99 (available in two colors)

    5. A height-adjustable chair that is basically the chair-y on top of the perfect home office: comfortable, chic, not too bulky.

    Promising review: "Love this chair! It's comfortable, rolls around easily, and looks great! Plus, it was very easy to put together. This is a great deal for the price!" β€”Ryan C. Shill

    Price: $139.99

    6. A mid-century armchair taken directly from your "home office inspo" board on Pinterest. Tell me not β€” this thing looks like it belongs in a modern art museum.

    Promising review: "This is great for those who love that mid-century modern look, but don't love the price tag that often comes with it. The quality of the chair is leaps and bounds above what I expected. I'm a bigger guy and this chair is both reasonably comfortable and sturdy; I'm currently using a faux sheepskin throw as a cushion of sorts for the chair." β€”Trevor

    Price: $78.47 (available in three colors)

    7. A swivel chair not intended for the easily distracted. You may waste your entire day just spinning around in circles.

    "How am I supposed to get any work done?" β€”me to this chair.

    Promising review: "Beautiful, comfortable, and clean-looking; I just love the design! It goes so well with my makeup table and took me less than five minutes to put together." β€”Abigail

    Price: $96.42. Available in two colors.

    8. A swivel chair available in 16 (!!!!) colors, meaning you'll be able to purchase the perfect hue for you β€” whether that's bright green or hot pink.

    Promising review: "We have three of these chairs in our home in red, yellow and purple. They are all very comfortable and attractive. I was worried that these chairs may not work with our modern decor, but they do without a doubt. My family loves these chairs and would get more if we had the space!" β€”J & O

    Price: $68.88 (available in 16 colors)

    9. A mid-century chair with a sleek, modern design that looks like it would easily cost double the price.,

    Promising review: "I love this chair! After combing the internet for a new desk chair I am so glad I found this one. It is simple and stylish and was incredibly easy to put together." β€”Amazon Customer

    Price: $103.41+ (available in three colors)

    10. A molded arm chair that costs less than $75, which in furniture talk basically means f-r-e-e.,

    Promising review: "This thing is STURDY. I have no reservations standing on it. The plastic has no sharp edges, either. It actually has nice little lips or ledges for the places where you would normally grab it to move it; a nice touch. It's also very lightweight, which makes it easy to move when you want to." β€”Nicole Saleh

    Price: $60.32+ (available in two colors)

    11. A swivel chair that is super simple *and* super chic at the same darn time.


    Promising review: "I love the vibrant color and the modern style of this chair. The color provides the most amazing contrast to the rest of my grayish apartment, and it's comfortable enough to sit on it for long periods of time. Plus, the pleather is supple and very easy to clean with a damp cloth." β€”ttc

    Price: $143.47+ (available in four colors)

    12. A patchwork chair perfect for any home office in need of some ROY G. BIV. Consider this an easy peasy way to spruce up your safe.


    Promising review: "GREAT Chairs! These are chic comfortable and durable. I have them as dining chairs in my B&B and they double as comfortable desk chairs for business travelers." β€”Aquaman

    Get it from Amazon for $146.67.

    13. A mesh-back desk chair guaranteed to have your office looking put together and not ~meshy~ at all.

    Promising review: "It will be really difficult for you to find a comparable chair at this price. It took about 10 minutes to assemble and didn't require any additional tools, the plastic is durable, and the wheels work well." β€”Stef

    Price: $74.99 (available in two colors)

    14. A reception chair that screams "please step into my office" in the most non-threatening way possible.,

    Promising review: "These chairs are excellent quality and the price is phenomenal. I shopped for two weeks to find the perfect chairs for my showroom both in stores and online. Out of all the chairs I researched, these chairs were the most comfortable and the most affordable." β€”All Florida Tinting Co.

    Price: $77.75. Available in four colors.

    15. A Serta executive chair that belongs in a home office *or* library, surrounded by volumes of literature and rare gin. Does my my high school AP English teacher own this very piece of furniture? It's highly likely.

    Promising review: "I had spinal surgery years ago and I have had a hard time finding the right chair for my office. I would always purchase a support device to add to my chair. It never really worked well. I purchased this chair and WOW best support I have ever had. I even let my co-worker try it and he ended up getting one, too." β€”Robin Schumacher

    Price: $244.95

    And don't forget a chair mat to protect your hardwood floor from scuffs and scratches.

    Promising review: "This mat works great, doesn't slip on my hardwood floor, and provides great protection. My chair moves easily over this mat: I just wish I had invested in one of these a long time ago. It would have saved me a ton of floor damage." β€”Danie829

    Price: $27.29

    Sitting in my new chair like...

    New Line Cinema

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.