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19 Of The Best Desk Chairs You Can Get On Amazon

Well hello there, home office makeover!

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1. A high-back executive chair designed for very important people. Including you, of course.

Promising review: "First of all, putting this chair together took about 10 minutes. I work at home and spend up to 10 hours daily sitting on this chair. So far, it has provided continuous comfort for my back and my productivity has increased. After eight months of daily use, the cushioning still feels like new!" — TY16

Price: $109.99. Available in two colors.

2. A height-adjustable chair that is like the chair-y on top of the perfect home office.

Promising review: "Love this chair! It's comfortable, rolls around easily, and looks great! Plus, it was very easy to put together. This is a great deal for the price!" —Ryan C. Shill

Price: $104.99. Available in four colors.

3. A round-back swivel chair you'd see in a swanky, NYC-based design firm. Right?!

Promising review: "Where do I start? This chair is super comfy and cute! It works like a charm, was delivered fast, and literally took only four steps to put it all together. It makes my shabby vanity look way better!" —Simone Faciane

Price: $98.99. Available in three colors.


4. A student-friendly chair available in four vibrant, eye-catching colors. Hello, purple and turquoise accent chairs!

Promising review: "This chair is amazing! It's such a pretty color, and the chair itself is very comfortable and great for the price. I bought this for my 11-year-old's room, and it fit her desk perfectly. I wouldn't recommend this chair for teens because this chair is on the smaller side. The assembly was so quick, plus it comes with a makeshift screwdriver that works exactly like a real one." —Karuna

Price: $39.99+. Available in four colors.

5. A balance ball chair to improve your balance, engage your core, and help align your back to ease pain.

This is not for bouncing up and down hahahaha no siree.

Promising review: "I sit about for about six hours a day at work, and this chair has significantly helped my posture. I have scoliosis and often slouched in my other chair, but this chair makes me sit up straight. It also engages your core muscles! This is great for anyone who has back pain and needs to sit for a long amount of time." —Danielle Ingoglia

Price: $73.27. Available in nine colors.

6. A mid-century armchair taken directly from your "home office inspo" board on Pinterest. Swoon.

Promising review: "This is great for those who love that mid-century modern look, but don't love the price tag that often comes with it. The quality of the chair is leaps and bounds above what I expected. I'm a bigger guy and this chair is both reasonably comfortable and sturdy; I'm currently using a faux sheepskin throw as a cushion of sorts for the chair." —Trevor

Price: $63.61. Available in three colors.

7. A swivel chair not intended for the faint of heart. You may waste your entire day just spinning around in circles.

"How am I supposed to get any work done?" —me to this chair.

Promising review: "Beautiful, comfortable, and clean-looking; I just love the design! It goes so well with my makeup table and took me less than five minutes to put together." —Abigail

Price: $61.74. Available in two colors.


8. A faux fur chair so cozy, it'll actually feel like a luxury to be working from home. Kind of.

Promising review: "My wife ordered this lovely chair for her new home office. She loves it! It seems to be made of high quality materials and she was able to easily assemble it herself. It looks great in her office, and she says it's comfortable; she often works from home, so she sits on it a lot. Plus, shipping was free because we have Prime. It's a chair fit for my queen!" —Chris P.

Price: $92.41+. Available in four colors.

9. A low-back computer chair that screams, "I am a young professional on a budget. Hear me roar!"

Promising review: "It took me, a 70-year-old woman, less than five minutes to put this together. It is comfortable, lightweight, and every bit as nice as the more expensive chair I used to have in my old office. And certainly costs a lot less. For the price, this chair is a steal." —alto606

Price: $44.99. Available in four colors.

10. A clear gray chair with a minimalist, modern feel. If chairs could talk, this one would scream "chic."

Promising review: "I have been shopping around for a new desk chair, and this is exactly what I wanted! The design is awesome, the quality is great, the price is amazing, and it took only minutes to put together." —CJP

Price: $82.29. Available in three colors.

11. A swivel chair available in 16 different colors AKA is perfect for every I-need-a-desk room in your home.

Promising review: "We have three of these chairs in our home in red, yellow and purple. They are all very comfortable and attractive. I was worried that these chairs may not work with our modern decor, but they do without a doubt. My family loves these chairs and would get more if we had the space!" —J & O

Price: $68.88. Available in 16 colors.


12. A racing-inspired high-back office chair designed to provide your back with the utmost comfort and support.

Promising review: "I've had this chair for a while now, and I love it so much. It really does help my posture. I've had entire days of sitting at my desk, and would barely notice any back pain during and after using this chair." —Amazon Customer

Price: $104.99. Available in three colors.

13. A terracotta-colored chair with vinyl cushion rolls that's almost too pretty to sit in.

Promising review: "I love the vibrant color and the modern style of this chair. The color provides the most amazing contrast to the rest of my grayish apartment, and it's comfortable enough to sit on it for long periods of time. Plus, the pleather is supple and very easy to clean with a damp cloth." —ttc

Price: $177.78+. Available in 10 colors.

14. A basic black chair that'll make your office seem like an actual corporate environment. You hard worker, you!

Promising review: "This is the perfect computer chair for me! It offers great back support, and the assembly instructions were simple to follow. I was able to put it together in a matter of minutes." —Jimmuh

Price: $64.99

15. A mesh-back desk chair guaranteed to have your office looking put together, not meshy.,

Promising review: "It will be really difficult for you to find a comparable chair at this price. It took about 10 minutes to assemble and didn't require any additional tools, the plastic is durable, and the wheels work well." —Stef

Price: $50.99. Available in three colors.


16. A mid-century chair to finally replace the current one you've had for way too long. I think you're red-y for an update.

Promising review: "I love this chair! I needed a desk chair that was pretty enough to be at my kitchen desk, but comfy enough that I could sit in it and get work done. It spins smoothly and silently, the wheels are very sturdy, and I never feel like I might tip or roll away. It's everything I wanted my desk chair to be." —TorchLit

Price: $41.43. Available in two colors.

17. A reception chair that screams, "please step into my office." But in a very non-threatening way.,

Promising review: "These chairs are excellent quality and the price is phenomenal. I shopped for two weeks to find the perfect chairs for my showroom both in stores and online. Out of all the chairs I researched, these chairs were the most comfortable and the most affordable." —All Florida Tinting Co.

Price: $79.99. Available in four colors.

18. An executive office chair so fantastic and regal, even the great Michael Scott would fall in love with it.

Promising review: "This is a great chair! It's extremely comfortable and has total back support: you feel it as soon as you sit down. My husband has to sit for 12 hours a day, and he is so happy with this chair." —Christina Lopez

Price: $81.02. Available in three colors.

19. A La-Z-Boy chair that'll make you want to kick your feet up on the table, put your arms behind your head, and relax.

Promising review: "It's comfortable and provides plenty of room for my derriere. It STAYS put at the height I've chosen, is well-made, and rolls perfectly without leaving marks on the laminated floor." —Foggy

Price: $282.88

And don't forget a chair mat to protect your hardwood floor from scuffs and scratches.

Promising review: "This mat works great, doesn't slip on my hardwood floor, and provides great protection. My chair moves easily over this mat: I just wish I had invested in one of these a long time ago. It would have saved me a ton of floor damage." —Danie829

Price: $27.99