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    37 Things You Should Probably Already Own, But Don't

    I don't own a lot of things that I should — take, for instance, a proper measuring cup set.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A calligraphy guide book for anyone looking to improve their penmanship *or* eventually create their own Etsy shop. These easy-to-follow instructions will turn your doodles and scribbles into a work of legible art.

    2. A Cerave exfoliating cleanser gentle enough for even the most sensitive acne-prone complexions. Salicylic acid, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and vitamin d pick up dead skin cells (the kind that cause gunk build-up) to prevent acne outbreaks but is still non-comedogenic, so your complexion won't feel overly tight *or* break out even further.

    3. A third-generation Echo Dot that can do everything from play music and make calls to read the news and set alarms — all at the sound of their voice! Having the ability to send texts and shuffle playlists (all hands-free!) is about to completely change their life for the better.

    4. A cruelty-free Milani eyeshadow palette reviewers hail as their favorite drugstore find. This palette is available in four styles that range from matte to shimmery, all of which are super pigmented, blendable, and feel a *lot* more expensive than they actually are.

    5. A TheraBreath oral rinse that will have you looking up at the heavens, the word "thanks" on your lips. Why? Because this stuff will finally (according to over 4,000 reviewers) get rid of morning breath, Cady Heron, as well as keep your breath fresh for a much longer period of time. That's why.

    6. A locket necklace so you can diffuse essential oils wherever you go. This locket contains felt pads, so all you'll have to do is add a teeny drop of lavender to help feel more calm, cool, and collected on particularly stressful days.

    7. A reusable coffee filter to replace all those paper filters that are a) expensive, b) consistently run out when one needs them most, and c) are unnecessarily wasteful. Give yourself the gift of both saving money *and* saving planet earth one less piece of trash at a time.

    8. A shampoo and conditioner set to nip brassiness in the bud. The violent pigment in this formula works to wash away unwanted yellow in your 'do, meaning you can extend the time between salon visits meaning you can SAVE A TON OF MONEY. Easy + affordable? Someone pinch me.

    9. A 52-week guide that encourages a more positive and appreciative attitude (AKA = I need this). This self-exploration journal is packed with inspirational quotes and prompts that will have you jotting down what you're grateful for on a daily basis, making this the perfect dose of self-reflection to go along with your morning coffee.

    10. A cruelty-free EcoTools detangler brush invented by a haircare Tesla: a unique bristle design has it gliding through wet or dry knots with ease while speeding up the drying process by a whopping 20%.

    11. An adjustable elastic band that will soon become an exercise essential. No more carrying your iPhone whilst taking a jog: Just put your Spotify on shuffle and rest assured that your precious device will remain both safe and out of your way.

    12. Soapstone stones to keep your whiskey on the rocks ice cold without any water dilution, which traditionally happens when one dumps ice cubes into their glass.

    13. A silicone popcorn maker capable of making 15 cups of popcorn in under four minutes. Just add in some kernels, ~pop~ it in the microwave, and BAM! Your movie marathon feast is now ready to be devoured.

    14. A faux leather bucket bag you'll be able to cart from work to drinks and everything in between. Is the below a fancy designer brand? No! But the quality and style are so top-notch that you'll simply assume it is.

    15. A 2020 History Channel boxed calendar for the person who has *only* true crime shows queued on their Netflix account. Each new day will reveal a brief summary of unsolved mysteries, weird occurrences, and inexplicable events.

    16. A mini skillet that looks like part of a larger, more expensive cookware set featured on many a bridal shower registry. This is large enough to make their favorite meal but small enough to easily store away, is perfect for cooking for a party of one, and won't take up their entire sink when they don't feel like washing it right away.

    17. A TubShroom drain protector invented by a wizard to catch all the hair in your shower — the kind that would otherwise lead to clogs. Just think of this magic weapon as your new bathroom bodyguard and an easy way to avoid emergency phone calls with your plumber.

    18. A one-shoulder cocktail dress perfect for that "I BARELY EVEN KNOW THIS COUSIN" wedding you have coming up next month. Those are truly the worst, aren't they?

    19. A touch-activated table lamp with three brightness settings (soft, moderate, and bright), six light colors, and a 360° control base. Looking for the perfect reading lamp? Then look no further. Hit "add to cart" immediately.

    20. A leak-proof champagne stopper that will keep your favorite beverage as fizzy as the day it was popped. This built-in pressure pump preserves bubbles and therefore preserves the champagne, meaning it won't go to waste if you don't finish the entire bottle on the day it's opened. Now without further ado, can I get a mimosa please?

    21. A portable borosilicate glass mug equipped with a removable stainless steel tea strainer and a leak-proof to-go lid. Plus, it's in the shape of a darn cat! I dare you to find me anything better to sip your tea from.

    22. A FaceTory detox mask that draws icky impurities to the surface thanks to a blend of charcoal powder and volcanic ash extract before promptly allowing you to say ~sayonara~ to enlarged pores, a greasy t-zone, and pesky breakouts.

    23. A Bodum pour over coffee maker here to turn you into a complete caffeine snob. This heat-resistant borosilicate glass carafe is designed with a permanent filter that makes a smooth serving of Joe, is dishwasher-safe, and can make up to eight cups at a time.

    24. An ultra soft terry jumpsuit you can easily dress up with a pair of pumps for dinner and then *breathes sigh of relief* you can cab it home, take off said pumps before collapsing onto bed, and go straight to sleep. This versatile piece is that cozy.

    25. Kikkerland bag clips because true heartbreak is going to chomp on a chip just to realize that *begins to sob* it's gone stale. These cute critters will help your favorite snacks maintain freshness and just look really freakin' adorable.

    26. A KitchenAid measuring cup set you'll want to purchase if you're ready to prove yourself as an adult. Wave goodbye to the days of using a regular spoon to half-heartedly "measure" the ingredients necessary for baking (we've all done it).

    27. A headphone stand ideal for the office! Keep your (very important) headphones in sight at all times — instead of overhearing annoying coworker conversations, remember to slip on your Beats instead.

    28. A cruelty-free nügg sleep mask here to save parched complexions and have 'em crying hallelujah. Quality ingredients like watermelon extract, hyaluronic acid, and glacier water-infused aloe juice deliver brightening effects and work OT to provide a much-needed dose of hydration.

    29. A six-quart Instant Pot pressure cooker capable of transforming meal prep into something that is not difficult. This handy thing can make everything from golden lentil soup and mac and cheese to chocolate lava cake and French toast.

    30. A mini essential oil diffuser to turn your bedroom into an aromatherapy oasis. Just add in a few drops of lavender, plug this puppy in, and get ready to relax.

    31. A wine bottle vacuum pumper that removers air from your very cheap ~vino~ to preserve freshness for up to a week.

    32. A Thomas Kinkade 2020 wall calendar packed with beautiful illustrations to both infuse your life with the magic of Disney *and* make it easier to keep track of the date.

    33. A comfy bath pillow because a relaxing soak is all but impossible while resting your head on porcelain. The solution? Obviously a two-paneled, padded foam pillow with ultra-strong suction cups that will actually stick to your tub!

    34. A lightning cable bracelet for the person who's phone is always on the verge of dying. This versatile accessory ensures you'll have a charging device on hand at all times, preventing panic whenever the low battery message pops up on your iPhone.

    35. An official BuzzFeed Goodful cookbook packed with over 125 simple, mouthwatering recipes broken down into easy steps that turn cooking into a breeze. It even includes helpful charts to help you determine which ingredients are in season, tips on food storage, and more!

    36. Pull-on Levi Strauss jeans that look like your typical hunk of denim but are actually even more comfortable than your favorite leggings. And no button digging into your belly button? Halle- and I cannot stress this enough -lujah.

    37. Champagne flutes perfect for anyone who loves an at-home brunch (AKA everyone). The double-walled design guarantees a consistently chilled, condensation-less mimosa while the sturdy borosilicate glass won't feel as if it can be crushed by a firm grip.

    Me @ how effective that purple shampoo looks:

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