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    24 Products You'll Probably Want If Your Hair Is Always Dirty

    Grease, my oldest friend.

    1. A Hair Dance powder dry shampoo that is especially great at vacuuming up grease and adding body. Pro tip: If you add some into your roots before bed, you'll wake up with a completely refreshed scalp that looks like it was shampooed five minutes ago ( opposed to five days ago).

    2. A Neutrogena clarifying shampoo because that ten pounds of dry shampoo you used two days ago is still trapped in your roots, but have no fear! This anti-residue wash deep cleans build-up that would otherwise lead to lack of body, excessive grease, and *gulp* stringiness.

    3. Seamless Burlybands hair ties that won't stretch, break, slip, OR damage your mane, plus it will actually stay in place. If you have super thick locks that are nearing the end of their wash cycle, meet your tiny new soulmate.

    4. A silicone shampoo brush to stimulate your scalp and improve circulation through a deep clean, which is said to lead to speedier hair growth and prevent excess oil build-up. This is especially great to know if you got a two-inch trim last year and SURPRISE it's only grown one centimeter since.

    5. A belt buckle fedora hat that has both the ability to complete any outfit *and* hide the vat of grease currently living on your scalp.

    6. Hemp Recess hair blotters infused with charcoal to naturally remove sweat, excess oil, and grime. Stash these in your gym bag to give your hair a quick clean on your way to work!

    7. A vegan, cruelty-free, travel-sized Handmade Heroes tinted dry shampoo specifically formulated for darker hair. This will sweep up all that grease *without* leaving a white cast on your scalp (something that often happens on brunette manes).

    8. An Act+Acre scalp detox because the amount of built-up dry shampoo that has become permanently lodged in your scalp = yuck. This cold-processed blend of moringa oil, basil leaf, amaranth oil, and baobab oil will remove impurities while promoting faster hair growth, reversing UV damage, and delivering some much-needed, non-greasy moisture that your mane will thank you for.

    9. Mini hair pins to give you the ballerina bun of your pirouette-packed dreams. Just one of these little pins can do the work of up to *20* hair pins, ridding the need of those excessive random pins that would otherwise just dig into your scalp. (Plus, it's a ~fancy updo~ that implies real effort and not a way to hide the fact that you, for example, have not washed your hair in days.)

    10. A boar bristle brush to evenly distribute all 👏 that 👏 oil 👏 from root to tip because oil at your roots = super flat hair. Detangling and volumizing at the same time? Talk about sorcery. The Harry Potter kind.

    11. A plant-based gel cream that works OT to tame those pesky flyaways that no amount of brushing can get rid of. The best part? This formula is non-greasy, completely transparent, and the mascara wand makes it super easy to apply.

    12. A vegan, silicone-, and paraben-free Garnier Fructis shampoo packed with aloe extract and vitamin e for a deep clean. This stuff delivers strength and shine, shine, shine for a commercial-worthy mane; all you'll have to do is, well, wash your hair. *patiently waits for royalty check*

    13. A Sexy Hair texturizing powder you simply dab into your roots, then throughout your hair, and bam! It'll instantly liquify to provide fullness and slight tackiness to make your hot tool so much more effective without making your mane look dirty or stringy.

    14. An OGX coconut water oil that contain electrolytes said to hydrate even the most brittle, damaged hair...without making it look like you haven't showered in seven weeks/weighing your hair down.

    15. A twist headband to turn your noggin into a present, bow and all. Throw this on to keep baby hairs out of your face, add some stripes or dots to your 'do, *and* hide your greasy roots.

    16. A vegan and cruelty-free Ghost shampoo capable of cutting down on grease *without* being too harsh on your mane. A mix of moringa oil, quinoa protein, and sunflower seed extract works together to repair damage and strengthen your hair...all while stopping dryness and brassiness in their tracks.

    17. A Frank Body scalp scrub because clarifying shampoo is great at getting rid of grease, but it'll also chase the color out of your hair faster than you can say ~ghosted~. This coffee, rosemary, eucalpytus, and peppermint blend gets rid of the built-up gunk in your roots so that you don't feel greasy a mere three hours after exiting the shower. You'll feel squeaky clean! And your blond highlights will remain totally safe!

    18. An eco-friendly, sustainably-sourced Ethique conditioner bar you'll want to purchase ASAP because a) it deep cleans and moisturizes without adding unnecessary grease and b) just one bar is the equivalent of three bottles of liquid conditioner. Squeaky clean roots + money saved = my definition of bliss.

    19. A vegan Malibu C treatment to prep your 'do for color application: Just leave this on for five minutes to remove color-blocking build-up, ~apply some dye~ within 24 hours, and voila! Your tresses are now a blank canvas that will allow for better color absorption and less fading after leaving the salon.

    20. A patterned scarf because your hair may be dirty, but this pretty little accessory will have everyone asking "Where did you GET that!?" and not "When's the last time you used shampoo?"

    21. A Briogeo micro-exfoliating shampoo to replace product build-up and dry flakes with a moisturized, soothed scalp with a balanced amount of natural oils. If you've been trying to grow out your mid-length 'do for, oh, forever, then this is a must-try; it's actually packed with panthenol (a #fancy vitamin) to strengthen your hair at the root.

    22. A travel-sized Batiste dry shampoo capable of making your 'do look freshly-washed by the time you land at your destination. Grease? You don't know her. You're too busy traveling the world to even think about her.... *nervous giggle*

    23. A Garnier Fructis finishing spray that will become the ~pièce de résistance~ of your daily styling routine. This provides a non-sticky, non-greasy light hold while texturizing every single layer to trick everyone into thinking your hair has body and is freshly-washed. If only they knew the (#thin, #flat, #boring) truth.

    24. A padded velvet headband you can slip on over your mane and suddenly you've transformed into Blair Waldorf and your hair looks freshly-washed (even though we both know that's not the case).

    Me, conquering my greasy roots:

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