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    21 Useful Products Under $10 That'll Actually Keep Your Stuff Organized

    Stop treating your drawer like junk. It has feelings, okay?

    1. A countertop styling station to make your bathroom feel like a very clean beauty salon. Kind of.

    2. A pot lid organizer for anyone sick of singing, "Where are you, pot lids? Why can't I find you?"

    3. A sink caddy that's no Bikini Bottom pineapple, but it'll have to do. Down payments are a lot, okay?

    4. An adhesive holder guaranteed to keep your razor and toothbrush from getting lost in your own bathroom.

    5. An over-the-cabinet plastic bag holder that wants to be tied down. Drifting through the wind is no longer fun.

    6. An organizer for the drawer that's sick and tired of being called "junk." It has feelings, okay?

    7. A purse hanger that'll make you stop and think, Hmm, I have SO MANY handbags. You'll still only use one, though.

    8. An 8-in-1 hanger designed for the bane of your closet's existence: the dreaded tank top.

    9. A gift-wrap organizer known to hum "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" all year long. Which is impossible, but okay.

    10. A hanging strip that props up mops, broom, bats, etc., without damaging your walls. Hooray!

    11. An under-cabinet hook inspired by Gwen Stefani. This $hit is bananas, amirite? B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

    12. A twirling hanger to keep all your ties in order. You know, the ones you wore during your Avril Lavigne phase.

    13. Drawer dividers that'll make you want to leave your underwear drawer open. Why?

    14. A mug tree you can plant yourself. Just be sure it gets enough sunlight, coffee, and carbon dioxide.

    15. A copper letter sorter for the romantic soul who still loves getting paper mail in 2017. (Bills don't count.)

    16. A nail polish holder designed to help keep all your Essie bottles in plain sight. Wicked, to be specific.

    17. A toilet paper holder for anyone who is sick and tired of depending on their siblings for last-minute TP.

    18. A cord holder to ensure you stay calm, because it is a fact that tangled headphones can cause crimes of passion.

    19. A cosmetic organizer with adhesive to stick straight on a mirror, because I'd rather stare at my kabuki brush.

    20. A silverware tray designed to give all your utensils a home. Because even a spoon needs its own room.™

    21. A magnetic strip for all the knives that don't fit in a conventional drawer.

    Willingly organizing my room instead of going out like...