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22 Things You'll Want To Have For Your Next Rainy Day At Home

"Let the rain fall down. I love being home." —Hilary Duff

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2. Cozy pajamas to help you feel put together and productive, even though you'll be watching reality TV all day.,

I love when my PJs actually match and are somewhat presentable. Probably because it doesn't happen too often.

Get them from Amazon for $19.99 (left, available in sizes S-3X and five colors) and $19.99+ (right, available in sizes S-XXL and 12 colors).


4. A pore cleansing mask rumored to have inspired Hilary Duff's Grammy-winning hit song, "Come Clean.",

🎶 Let the rain fall down, I'm coming clean [thanks to this face mask] 🎶

Get it from Amazon for $9.58+.

6. A collection of film-inspired crossword puzzles. You know, for when you don't feel like singing in the rain.

"I'm dancin' and [doing crossword puzzles in the comfort of my home while it] rains." —Gene Kelly

Get it from Amazon for $7.26.


13. A Q&A journal because nothing says "cozy" like writing while listening to the rain...

Sarah Han / BuzzFeed

Rainy days = the perfect excuse to start up a diary again. One that you'll ~maybe~ finish.

Get it from Amazon for $9.48.


16. Or a DVD collection of cinematic masterpieces that DO NOT GET ENOUGH RECOGNITION.

Listening to the glorious voice of Oliver James while watching What A Girl Wants? There is no better way to spend a gloomy day.

Get it from Amazon for $6.11.

17. A gel manicure kit to give your nails some TLC. Hello to a beautiful, glossy finish that'll last up to 14 days!

18. A card game that lets you create your own hilarious story line with 360 different comic cards.

This game is designed for 3-10 players, and is perfect for anyone who decides to throw a rain celebration party... or just for anyone that lives with many, many roommates.

Get it from Amazon for $25.

19. A board game with a one million dollar prize. Whoever sees the most North American cities by rail, wins.

This game has 3,633 reviews on Amazon — and 86% of them give five stars.

Also, the one million dollar prize is fake money. Sucks, right?

Get it from Amazon for $33.99.