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    22 Things You'll Want To Have For Your Next Rainy Day At Home

    "Let the rain fall down. I love being home." —Hilary Duff

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    1. An essential oil diffuser to make your home smell of lavender fields. Because, you know, it's not like you can go outside.

    2. Cozy pajamas to help you feel put together and productive, even though you'll be watching reality TV all day.

    3. A Marauders Map puzzle because heaven forbid Freeform has a Harry Potter weekend when I'm stuck indoors.

    4. A pore cleansing mask rumored to have inspired Hilary Duff's Grammy-winning hit song, "Come Clean."

    5. A grapefruit melon candle to transport you to the gorgeous island of Capri. Because I bet it's not freakin' raining there.

    6. A collection of film-inspired crossword puzzles. You know, for when you don't feel like singing in the rain.

    7. A delicious smelling bubble bath for a long, bubble-filled soak of Pinterest proportions...

    8. ...and a non-slip bath pillow designed to have you feeling even more comfortable.

    9. Fuzzy socks made for days when it's not a beautiful day in the neighborhood and your feet just want to be warm, dammit.

    10. A coloring book to add some learning to your lazy day at home. Unicorns are jerks, and it's time you knew about it.

    11. An ultra-soft velour robe to make your home feel like a ritzy hotel. Chocolate on your pillow sadly not included.

    Get it from Amazon for $22.99+ (available in XS-3X and 10 colors).

    12. A sherpa throw blanket that screams "come here and snuggle." It completely justifies not getting off the couch.

    13. A Q&A journal because nothing says "cozy" like writing while listening to the rain...

    14. A DIY gummy sushi kit that'll get the ball rolling on your rainy day activity bucket list.

    15. A DVD collection of classic monster movies you've always wanted to watch, but have never had the time to.

    16. Or a DVD collection of cinematic masterpieces that DO NOT GET ENOUGH RECOGNITION.

    17. A gel manicure kit to give your nails some TLC. Hello to a beautiful, glossy finish that'll last up to 14 days!

    18. A card game that lets you create your own hilarious story line with 360 different comic cards.

    19. A board game with a one million dollar prize. Whoever sees the most North American cities by rail, wins.

    20. A wine bottle glass you should not purchase—it'll encourage you to keep ~wining~ about the crappy weather.

    21. A raincoat (if you absolutely *must* leave your house and go to the store, you know, to get ice cream or something).

    Get it from Amazon for $32.05+ (available in sizes XS-3X and 14 colors).

    22. And rain boots for anyone who thinks jumping in puddles is too fun an opportunity to miss out on.

    Get it from Amazon for $20.89+ (available in sizes 6-11 and 12 colors).