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    37 Pieces Of Clothing To Throw On When You're Running Late

    *presses snooze 10 times*

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An open front cardigan worthy of all the compliments it's bound to receive. Slipping this on over a wrinkled white tee and your most faded denim = upping your ~chic~ factor by about 97%. You can't argue with science.

    reviewer wearing the leopard print long open front cardigan with pockets

    2. A long-sleeved off shoulder top with so many 'fit possibilities that my head is spinning. Rest assured that regardless of if you wear this with jeans or a bodycon skirt, this loose-fitting bebe is comfy, comfy, comfy, and did we mention, comfy?

    3. A satin spaghetti strap dress because no, you do not want to go out tonight, but yes, you did RSVP last week. Presenting at least one less headache: this dress. It goes with every shoe and accessory, plus the material is comfortable and doesn't feel restrictive (despite the fact that it's a bodycon).

    reviewer wearing the burgundy dress

    4. High-waisted leggings, aka the bread and butter of any WFH wardrobe. These provide awesome compression, come in a variety of fab solids and prints, *plus* have over 25,000 positive reviews.

    5. A long-sleeved jumpsuit that requires absolutely 👏 no 👏 effort 👏. Finding a matching top and bottom before your morning cup of coffee? Inconceivable. Slip this cozy one-piece on instead.

    Model wearing jumpsuit

    6. A polka-dot number best accessorized with bottomless mimosas served at the brunch you almost canceled on due to snoozing, overpriced avocado toast and a poached egg not required (but highly recommended).

    7. High-waisted pants featuring snazzy (and adjustable) bow detailing by the ankles, aka you'll be able to slightly alter their silhouette. Keep 'em loose if you prefer more breeze or tighten them if you're a staunch skinny denim supporter.

    reviewer wearing the yellow pants

    8. A V-neck henley top so absurdly soft and comfortable, it'll likely replace all the pajama tops you've been sleeping in. *This* is so much better — and it can be worn out to dinner or for running errands? So much yes.

    reviewer wearing the black V-neck button up top

    9. A supportive underwire bodysuit capable of making the word ~swanky~ come immediately to mind. Essentially, an addition like this to your wardrobe has the same energy as popping champagne or munching on caviar.

    10. Baggy overalls that scream, "I'm taking a trip to the farmer's market and buying a dozen apples with the intention of baking an apple pie." Simply slip this on over a wrinkled tee and voila, you're ready to tackle the day.

    reviewer wearing the orange jumpsuit

    11. A chunky knit cardigan perfect for adding chic warmth to any 'fit. This basic layer has batwing sleeves and pockets, won't clash with anything in your wardrobe, and comes in a few colors (think, lots of neutral hues).

    12. A deliciously comfy crewneck sweater featuring my whole mood Monday through Friday. **stares at the 46,000 unread emails lying dormant in her inbox**

    model wearing white crewneck

    13. Vibrant skinny jeans, stretchy hunks of denim praised by 6,000+ reviewers for comfort, versatility, and glove-like fit, aka these are the perfect daily go-to. Plus, these are *truly* high waisted. None of that fake "high rise" nonsense where you feel like your underwear is constantly on the brink of being exposed.

    14. A plaid blazer jacket available in several neutral hues *and* the below red, ideal for adding a splash of fall-approved color (and sophistication) to the ensemble you wear eight days of the week: jeans, black booties, black sleeved top.

    Reviewer wearing the red tartan style blazer

    15. A swanky spaghetti strap cami likely the muse behind Rihanna crooning ~where have you been all my life~. If you've thrown your entire wardrobe onto the ground in pursuit of a decent top, this bb is here to save the day because at long last — a perfectly versatile dressy top is now yours.

    16. A sleeved bodycon featuring drawstring ruching on each side, meaning that the length of this dress is — gird your loins — completely adjustable. Attempt to contain your excitement until you reach the end of this post please.

    reviewer wearing the black sleeved dress

    17. A tiered baby doll mini taking a page from the Disney 365 book (if you know, you know) because it can truly be worn any day of the damn year. We love a piece that doesn't need to be vacuum-sealed with the change of season.

    18. A high-waisted faux leather wrap skirt for a wardrobe staple that's great for team meetings, happy hours, and pretty much everything else in between. Now repeat after me: chic. Just add a basic top and you're good to jet.

    reviewer wearing the skirt

    19. An oversized knitted sweater vest for making the word "crisp" come to mind. Turtleneck weather is back, pets, and what better way to accessorize it than with the below? I'll be taking five. Thanks. This makes any basic underlay look seriously chic.

    20. A batwing-sleeve dress that rivals your favorite blanket for softness. Reviewers swear by the below for both comfort *and* style; just add some stilettos and jewelry to zhuzh it up for RSVP-requiring occasions.

    reviewer wearing a grey off shoulder dress

    21. A two-piece outfit that's essentially a gazillion options in one: wear this as a matching ensemble, throw on the sweater with workout leggings, pair the bottoms with your favorite band tee, and the list goes on.

    22. A sleeved bodycon because is there anything more autumnal than a high-neck, ribbed, and sleeved dress rolled into one? I think not. Throw in an orange hue and OTK boots, and a phantom scent of pumpkin spice will follow you to the ends of the earth.

    reviewer wearing orange dress with over-the-knee boots

    23. A cutout tee, because this is equally as comfortable as your favorite sleeved basic but *le gasp* about 10x more trendy. Who should start a style blog? You.

    24. A stretchy crewneck mini for a fall-approved extension of your favorite tee (although you can wear it any season with the right layers, tbh). Raise your hand if you're ready to ditch the WFH joggers and give your shins a chance to breathe.

    reviewer wearing the black dress with sneakers

    25. Track joggers, or I like to think of them as "everything the world needs in a pant". The tapered silhouette means they don't feel as bulky as your fleece pajama bottoms; the delightful material means you will feel equally snuggly with every click of the "skip intro" and every sporadic grocery run.

    model wearing the gray joggers

    26. A tiered maxi with the word "layering" down to a science. Leather motos, denim jackets, plaid button-downs — the outerwear world is your oyster when combined with the neutral dress below.

    reviewer wearing the mushroom colored dress

    27. A zippered cardigan and mini skirt to take away the monstrous headache that is having to match a top and a bottom before a Friday night out, a dinner in which you would have cancelled in a perfect world but... alas, you don't have the heart.

    28. An ultra soft terry jumpsuit if you don't feel like digging through wardrobe (who has the time?) *and* don't want to wear a dress (what if there's a breeze?). Presenting this cozy one-and-done solution that also happens to be available in a perfectly autumnal hue.

    reviewer wearing orange jumpsuit with wide cropped leg silhouette

    29. A two-piece set ideal for work-from-home days in which, wow, your schedule is crammed with deadlines. Throwing on a matching fall-friendly 'fit increases productivity by about 1,000%, and that's a real scientifically proven fact.

    30. A racerback tank that has most likely been blessed by a fairy godmother, because this takes your basic cami and goes *poof*. An instantly chic upgrade is yours for the taking due this high-neck silhouette.

    Model wearing the brown top

    31. An off-shoulder blouse featuring a wrap waist and voluminous sleeves for THE party top of your dreams. Purchase this now now with the mindset that you'll be wearing it to every singly semi-fancy occasion henceforth.

    32. A pair of fleece-lined faux leather leggings guaranteed to make you feel ~trendier than thou~ strutting to your corner deli. Pair these with any simple top to make it look as if you didn't snooze through your alarm this morning.

    reviewer wearing a band tee and the faux leather leggings

    33. An off-shoulder jumpsuit because in the era that won't be named (*ahem* literally the one we are living in now), the impossible has happened: we've gotten sick of leggings. This simple number provides all the comfort from our once beloved staple but looks far more put-together.

    34. A longline plaid jacket that — what's that? Yes, it's layered over the pajama shirt you slept in. But will anyone notice? Absolutely not. Go about your merry way with this autumnal layer.

    Reviewer wearing the brown plaid coat

    35. A V-neck slit dress for a look that screams "I tried" but requires merely 10 seconds of effort. Throw this on, reach for a fedora or fasten a messy bun, and et voilà.

    36. High-waisted palazzo trousers that laugh in the face of business casual's past with a cinched waist, wide-leg silhouette. Translation: These are comparable to leggings in comfort but still allow you to retire those stuffy black slacks. *shudders at the thought of wearing them*

    reviewer wearing the black pants

    37. A two-piece seamless activewear set making me want to go for a hike in the great outdoors — and I hate the great outdoors. This comfy 'fit is athleisure perfection: Throw it on with a denim jacket for errands, with a cardigan whilst working from home, and wear as/is for that 20-minute kickboxing video you *promise* you'll get to today.

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