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    This $10 Ice Tray Has A Lid So Extra Freezer Space Is Now Possible

    The urge to quote Vanilla Ice is strong.

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    Welcome to being an adult, where practical purchases fill your heart with an alarming amount of happiness.

    On today’s edition of “this inexpensive product has brought me joy” we have an OXO ice cube tray ($9.99), a MUCH better alternative to the flimsy piece of plastic you’re currently using.


    Let's discuss why you need this, shall we?

    This ice queen is cleverly designed with a silicone lid to prevent any water from leaking out, meaning you can practically fling this into your freezer without having to worry about any spillage. It's Hakuna Matata in your freezer.


    It’s also dishwasher-safe! Feel free to stick it next to your dirty plates and used forks whenever you think it needs a deep clean.

    If you’ve only got about .5 inches of empty space in your entire freezer (b/c it’s currently packed with things like ice cream), this tray is also a fantastic space-saver. You'll actually be able to stack things on top of it, which results in so much more room for activities (read: more ice cream).

    You can also place this tray on top of other things without having to worry that it'll spill over.

    And if you don't want to listen to me ramble on anymore, you should know that it's gotten a ton of love on Amazon. Just take a gander at these glowing reviews.


    "I have owned this ice cube tray for approximately four months and I have loved every day we've had together. I've considered inviting people into my home and offering them a glass of water just so they can watch in awe as I peel back the silicon top and cool the crap out of their drink. The ice cubes taste like fresh ice and the name does not lie — these ice cubes DO NOT SPILL. I sometimes turn it upside down in my freezer just to spice things up." —Sara

    "These are the BEST ice cube trays I've ever used. I didn't realize how inconvenient conventional trays were until I started using these." —bandeapart

    "I absolutely love these ice cube trays! I used to hate using trays but when our ice maker took a dump on us a couple weeks ago, I bought these. They are life-changing. I got four to keep up with all the iced teas and iced coffees we make in our household. Easy to use, definitely NO SPILL, and they make great shaped cubes that last long in our drinks." —Laura Young

    I think it’s time that you, too, experience the joys of this OXO ice cube tray. Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

    You coming to the realization that a new ice cube tray is more exciting than anything you've experienced this week:


    The reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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