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Here Are Some Tips If You're Ordering Delivery During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Tip more generously, for starters.

While social distancing is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, local businesses (including restaurants!) are struggling to stay afloat as a result — which is where takeout and delivery come in.

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And while it's okay to have that pasta delivered to your door, the current pandemic has made it especially important to take certain precautions when doing so.

Below are some helpful guidelines to follow if you plan on ordering delivery in the near future.

1. First and foremost: Tip generously.


Delivery workers are risking exposure so that you can be fed. While it's been argued that a tip should be at least $5 under normal circumstances, consider doubling that amount at this time. Many delivery workers face low wages and don't have the privilege of paid sick leave, so a big chunk of their income comes from you being a decent human being.

So repeat after me: Leave a generous tip.

2. And when it comes to tipping, avoid cash.


If you can tip electronically and avoid cash, do it! Not tipping in cash = further avoiding the spread of germs.

3. Call and order from your favorite restaurant directly.

4. In the event that your restaurant of choice doesn't offer direct delivery, be mindful about which delivery service you do choose.

5. Always opt for contactless delivery.

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Many apps (including Postmates) are now offering a contactless "leave at my front door" delivery option.

For apps that don't have that option, make a note in the delivery instructions field asking the driver to drop your food off at your front door and to give you a call once they're leaving.

If you're calling the restaurant to order food directly, also let 'em know that the meal can be dropped off at your front door.

6. Oh! And whether calling directly or ordering through an app, let the restaurant know that you won't be needing napkins *or* plastic cutlery.

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Avoiding napkins and plastic cutlery also means avoiding additional surfaces that could have germs.

7. Be sure to disinfect doorbells, intercoms, and door handles right before ordering delivery — especially if you live in a building that requires, to some extent, the delivery worker to come inside.


Sanitize all of it.

8. Immediately throw away plastic bags and empty food containers, then disinfect the surfaces they came in contact with.


This precautionary method could further stop the spread of germs.

9. And, of course, WASH YOUR HANDS.

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Wash your hands before you grab the food, after you grab the food, before you plate the food, before you eat the food, and after you eat the food.

Seems excessive! But ya gotta!

Stay safe! Stay healthy! Try your best to stay away from other people and to cancel all unnecessary social gatherings! Oh, and REMEMBER TO WASH YOUR HANDS!

And do you have any additional tips for ordering delivery? Let us know in the comments below.